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Super Network Attached Storage in Synology Disk Station DS211j

November 13, 2011  by: willylive  Points: 12   Category: New Product Release  Earning $0.30   Views: 792

Between networked storage devices, which can be found on the market, Synology Disk Station DS211j NAS is one of the most active with intuitive features at an affordable price. This very innovative product has enormous potential for use in the mainstream has.


Supports hard disks: a slight change in the previous version, Synology Disk Station DS211j now supports only two hard drives instead of four. This has greatly reduced the size and shape to save space. And 'in a reduced size of 161 × 88x218mm and weight of 1 kg each, except. This makes it very convenient to fit in a small room and storage space is no longer an obstacle to the NAS device.

The affordable price of Synology Disk Station DS211j is drastically reduced by 40% of the previous year. This makes it a very cost network attached storage, and can also be easily adopted by small offices.

Supports Gigabit Ethernet: This is an advantage for multimedia users, the new Synology Disk Station DS211j is compatible with DLNA and UPnP.

Audio Station: This allows for quick and easy transfer of Internet radio stations. It also has a built-in iTunes server and an unloading station files such as BitTorrent, FTP, HTTP. eMule and NZB download client that does not require a PC.

Disk Station Manager: This feature is responsible for all primary and backup PC Backup allows daily, weekly and monthly. And 'fully compatible with the Apple device, time, and Outlook e-mail. With the new version, including Android and iPhone OS applications are now available. It also has a camera DS that enables remote monitoring of a camera connected to IP-compatible network.

Good reading: The DS211j satisfied with their rates of movement of files and folders. During a 5 GB folder can be transferred at a speed of 35.1MB/sec, smaller folders have a "little 'more with a read speed of 24.2MB/sec alone.

Technical data:

. Marvell 1.2 GHz CPU
. 128 MB of DDR2 RAM
. JBOD support
. RAID 1 and RAID 0
. iSCSI support
. 2 USB lights

Among the highlights:

The CPU has a much improved DS211j. The cost is significantly less than 40% of the previous version. The size was reduced, which saves space. Permits read and write speed is more than satisfactory to move files and folders. It comes with an intuitive Web interface and easy to configure.

Low points:

The DS211j is less smooth. To reduce costs, are used less plastic, which require careful handling. Lacks the reading speed for data encryption. The performances are competent, and not extra ordinary.


DS211j is £ 159.99 to 223.99 U.S. dollars in the United Kingdom and the United States.

Final Thoughts

However, the Synology Disk Station DS211j is the right choice of a NAS device, if you are looking for a NAS complete, it is extremely comfortable. While the look and structure for the improvement, of course all your other needs are met very satisfactory. This is a significant improvement in the DS210j is proving to be faster, easier to use, compact and easy to handle.


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