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Eight Tips for Horticulture Therapy

November 14, 2011  by: Paulose  Points: 25   Category: Environment    Views: 862

The sunshine and pleasant weather of nature are always calling all for a greener life. Why not try a garden at home? It helps your health and also your wealth.


The popularity of gardening is growing all over the world. People are turning more and more to nature, hoping for a relief from their stress and tension. Summer is the time for outdoor activities and hobbies.

Gardening is not only an interesting hobby but it also an art of creation that combines many positive elements to make it a benefit to health and well-being. It is a therapy of horticulture interacting with nature. Gardening is a natural therapy that treats a wide variety of mental and physical health issues.

Gardening for your health

Gardening makes you healthy by providing you physical exercise and natural interaction. The fresh air and blossom of nature can speed up recovery from physical illness.

It is encouraging that, according to the National Gardening Association, more than 70%of all US households participate in one or more type of do-it-yourself outdoor lawn and garden activity. Flower and vegetable gardening are at the top as the most popular activity of gardening.

Eight tips for your Horticulture therapy

1) Planning a garden is a creative process that can involve the whole family and build up its healthy relationship. United and committed efforts can build up the mental qualities of all. It leads to a healthy habit of learning about plants and a developing the mental skills of character formation.

2) Plan a garden, however little the space may be, according to your taste and availability of space. Getting started is very easy, whether you want to start gardening as a new hobby to beautify your surrounding or you want to enjoy the fresher taste of home-grown vegetables.

3) Black and Decker, a global supplier of household appliances and garden materials, suggests that you should know your availability of land first. Assessing the gardening conditions of your piece of land is very important before you dig your first hole or plant your first seed.

4) You should be aware of the key factors of gardening such as sunlight, shade, soil type, climate and moisture levels. They have much importance in your garden planning.

5) Preparation of the soil is very important. Healthy soil can bring out healthy results, including your physical and mental health. You may have to add nutrients necessary for better flourishing. Representatives of gardening in your local area will surely be obliging to help and guide you.

6) Plant your seed of plant when you are ready with a hole slightly bigger and deeper than the roots of your plant. Handle the plant gently when you place it in the prepared hole as if you are tucking your kid in her little bed. Pat the soil surrounding it and leave space between plants.

7) Follow the instructions given on the seed packets.

8) Most important of all your gardening tips is your perseverant follow-up. Watch your plant grow, feed it and talk to it daily. Enjoy the growing buds and the blossoming flowers.


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