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International Day of Tolerance A Global Necessity Today

November 15, 2011  by: Paulose  Points: 15   Category: Social    Views: 764

World has shrunk into a little globule. Every nation is aware today that only through tolerance human life can survive any longer. World is more closely tied to one another today.


World has shrunk into a little globule. Every nation is aware today that only through tolerance human life can survive any longer. World is more closely tied to one another today than any other time by trade and information technology. But rifts between and within communities and states are being broadened and deepened by poverty, ignorance and conflict.

Call of the United Nations Organization

As per the invitation of the General Assembly, UNESCO has asked the Member States to observe the International Day of Tolerance on 16 November. It has outlined norms for observing this day and has called the commitment of Heads of State and Government to advance human welfare, freedom and progress everywhere, as well as to encourage tolerance, respect, dialogue and cooperation among different cultures, civilizations and peoples. This day provides an opportunity for people to learn about recognizing and respecting the rights and beliefs of others and schedules a time for reflection and debate on human rights.

International Day of Tolerance dedicated to the universal value

The whole universe is just a single family today. This idea of oneness has been an ideal of humanity for centuries. World today is quite aware of the results of the outbursts of intolerance that has been tormenting human life on earth all these years. It is quite sure that if another war is provoked by some intolerance it will certainly be a death toll to the whole humanity.

To promote tolerance

To promote the word tolerance, all must have an appreciation of diversity and the ability to live and let others live. This ideal requires a fair and objective attitude towards those whose opinions, practices, religion, and nationality differ from ones own. It is not contained in just agreeing with each other, but the 'ideal of tolerance' needs to be lived by showing respect for the essential humanity in every person.

Present scenario in the world

I need not explain much about the present situation of the world threatened by intolerance. Many nations are torn by social and cultural tensions in and around them. On this special day, all the nations of the world need to appraise the meaning and value of tolerance in their practical governance. World leaders should analyze how they have failed to sufficiently adhere to the value of tolerance.

Indian tolerance

India has been preaching tolerance to the whole world. That has been its Dharma throughout its history. People of diverse cultures have been living in harmony respecting one another. They celebrated and shared all festivals amicably. RAMzan has been a festival of love and sharing between people of all religions. DiwALI has been an exchange of sweets between Hindus and Muslims and others. Then how did this intolerance between Ram and Ali come? But recently some selfish motivations and narrow minded politics have intruded into this country causing restlessness among its millions.

Tolerance is today's urgent need

We are very badly in need of global tolerance today since the world community is hurrying headlong toward an irrevocable catastrophe. Accelerated spending on military should be diverted toward education and employment opportunities. We are the children of the same origin, supposed to live in harmony, tolerant of others' aspirations and accepting others' sovereignties.
Let us promote tolerance. Let us stop eruption of violence. Let us build up hope.



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