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Some tips to overcome stage fear .

July 08, 2010  by: rockstar  Points: 15   Category: Others  Earning $0.60   Views: 1752

All of us cannot be good at everything and may be some of us are not that good speakers in front of public may be due to nervousness and lack of confidence . This article tells us about some tips to overcome stage fear and become a good public speaker .


Many people cannot become good public speaker due to the reasons like lack of confidence , nervousness , anxiety etc . In the modern era if we want a good job or want to succeed in life then becoming atleast average in speaking in front of public is must. If we want to become good at speaking in front of crowd then we need to remove the problem of stage fear from ourself.

Some tips to overcome stage fear are as follows.

1. Practice your presentation - If you have to do presentation at a certain day and you know that you are not good in presentation then the entire day before it keep practicing in front of your friends , family , mirror etc . Just try to do as much practice as you can So that you will be confident and whenever you go to speak at stage all the things that you need to talk will come out and you won't stop nor you would forget anything .

2. Be Relax - If you want to be a good public speaker then you first need to be relax and cool and do not get afraid just hearing about presentation . Before the presentation one can try to sit alone and motivate himself to perform well and be confident . If one is feeling lot of fear to go to stage then one try to relax by taking a deep breath or just closing eyes for a minute . A mind with anxiety and fear can't perform well unless you become relax and calm down.

3. Have belief in your voice and skills - If you keep getting fear just by having thoughts that you are not good at presenting in front of the audience then you will never overcome stage fear. One should think that it is the first time he is presenting and he should do well . One should have a belief that he has a strong voice to influence the audience and should also have faith on his skills to able to talk in front of audience.

4. Get to know the audience before presenting - It will be quite good to know some of the people in front of whom you are going to present . One can reach the place where he will be presenting early and try to move around the stage and see the audience from the stage to develop the spirit to face the crowd . One can try to talk to some people in audience and get to know them So that while presenting you would not feel that you are speaking in front of those who are entirely new to you .

5. Learn to ask questions and communicating with the audience - If you want to overcome stage fear then the best thing would be to start learning to communicate with audience . Try to ask questions to the audience while you are presenting which would help you to get confidence and feel relax when anyone from the audience answers to you.

6. Get experienced in presenting - If you keep fearing that you won't be able to do presentation and try to say no when some one ask you to present in front of crowd then you would never get rid of stage fear it will just only increase because you build the habit to say no to presentation and when it will be compulsory to present you may think you are doing something which you do not like . Whenever you see that you have a opportunity to present then you must always say yes as it will increase your confidence and you will get experience to speak well in front of public . We all know that experience in anything matters and thats the same thing with presentation . As you would do more and more presentation you will become more and more better .

These are some of the tips that will help you to improve in presenting in front of crowd and will help you to get rid of stage fear . Stage fear is something which is hard to overcome but if one is motivated to get rid of it then some day he would definately get rid of stage fear and become a good public speaker.


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