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Verify PayPal Account Using Smart Money or EON Card

November 15, 2011  by: snowdoll487  Points: 12   Category: Others  Earning $0.40   Views: 869

Which of the 2 cards is best to use in verifying your PayPal account?


Thinking of which debit card should you use in verifying your PayPal account and lift your account limit? Well both cards, EON debit card and Smart Money card for remittances can be successfully used to verify and lift limit off your account. Both cards have Mastercard/Visa card logo (Unionbank EON Card with the Visa logo and Smart Money card with the Mastercard logo) which PayPal accepts to verify personal accounts.

The process of PayPal account verification for both debit cards is the same. Both bank accounts need to be deposited with an amount which is not more than PhP200. To complete the process you need to remember two amounts which are small, ranging from .01cent but not more than a dollar that PayPal will deposit into your bank account to complete PayPal verification process. You will have to enter these two sums in your link/edit credit/debit card to complete the process and have your PayPal account verified and limit lifted then be able to transfer your PayPal balance to your bank.

Some may ask what the deposited amount of PhP200 in your account is for. It is for the transaction fee that PayPal will deduct in your bank account which amounts to $1.49. PayPal will return this amount in your PayPal balance, so no worries. This is applicable to both EON and Smart Money cards.

Which of the two cards is better? I can't tell which is better of the two; you will have to decide for yourself which of the two cards is a good choice. However, I will enumerate the pros and cons between the two cards.

Pros and Cons:

1.For opening an EON account you pay PhP350 but with Smart Money (remittance card) you only pay around PhP30.

2.Application for both cards requires Xerox copies of 2 valid IDs. With Smart Money card, you need IDs but don't have to be current school ID or up-to-date identification. They're quite lenient when it comes to their application process. While with EON card, they require VALID IDs. If you bring school IDs, it has to be that you're an enrolled student for the semester. If not then that is invalid. You can use passport ID or SSS ID. You need to Xerox copy these IDs and this present this as you apply. Using Smart Money card, your Smart/TNT sim card must contain at least PhP30 worth of airtime load balance to activate Smart Money and link your debit card for notification and transfer feature.

3.EON card has annual fees while Smart Money card doesn't have any annual fees collected.

4.Smart Money incurs at least Php200 transaction fee (plus the PhP50 deduction PayPal take from your balance for transactions below PhP7000) for each successful withdrawal from PayPal balance to your bank account transfer. While with EON there is no transaction fee except for the PhP50 that PayPal deducts each successful withdrawal made from your PayPal balance if the amount withdrawn is below PhP7000.

Author: victility        
Posted Date: 01/16/2012    Points:1    

Can I get such cards to verify a Paypal Account if i am not a resident of the Country. Just wondering which currency is PhP

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