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Two Sides of Criticism

November 15, 2011  by: snowdoll487  Points: 12   Category: Others  Earning $0.25   Views: 462

How to deliver an effective criticism


A critic's criticism can either be destructive or constructive for a receiver. It depends on the manner of how disparagement was delivered that makes the difference between destructive and optimistic criticism. Immediately calling the receiver of criticism various names, such as 'dumb', 'pathetic' or 'stupid' can ruin his morale. It can also cause him to be unappreciative of the enhanced side of your criticism which is to make his work better. Instead you end up creating a negative atmosphere and in turn the recipient of criticism loses hope and self-assurance.

When criticizing someone's work, it would be best to highlight the area which needs improvement instead to center criticism on how bad or poorly the work was done, giving the other party space for improvement and confidence to pursue the task he was trusted with. Given that you want to see a person's full potential by giving him criticism, give him one that will indeed help him improve instead of self-destruct. True, people handle criticisms differently; each one of us is unique. Some will be able to accept harsh criticism with open arms by overlooking the callous words used to deliver a critique, while others may overlook the constructive side of an evaluation, instead of understanding the core of the harsh statements made by a critic.

If you can find a more tact way of expressing your criticism to its receiver, then do it in such manner. You don't need to ridicule the person being criticized for him to do his best. Others perform well when they're being treated in a more just manner less the insult. It may be difficult for some critic to adjust criticism, after all criticism is criticism: however, the manner of utterance of criticism can turn things upside down, turn things from bad to worst plus pressure and stress. It can help the one being criticized perform and come up with better ideas, compared to being harshly evaluated.

When your being offensive against a person being criticized his main reaction would be in defensive state, making him unable to understand the other side of criticism. For an effective execution of criticism it would be best to learn how to tactfully deliver it in a positive manner.


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