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Top 10 network media players

November 15, 2011  by: willylive  Points: 12   Category: Gadgets  Earning $0.20   Views: 917

The music is a fundamental part of our lives and we cannot imagine life without music. And as an alternative to all of our hard work and stress, and serves as the best means of stress to get rid of and use other problems.


The people to get music is crystal clear on your PC or listen to your iPod, but what really makes the best music and the high rate, which is powered by an external stereo system. stereo is a fury when it comes to music, and there is almost nothing better than this stereo player. The hardest part is the way to get music from your computer to bring stereo, which is the point where the digital audio-cassettes in these offers excellent durability and exceptional service. There are many gadgets on the market, but we are here with an average of a list of 10 player's network.

1. Philips Streamium NP2500

The Philips is known for its excellent service and sustainability, and what media streamer is a perfect gadget for those who sought a way to download music from the Internet or from a PC to a stereo. This unit comes with a fully integrated and Rhapsody also offers many Internet radio stations. It can play music for hours and the style seems it refers to a value of a solid agreement.

2. Sonos Play: 3

When talking to a digital signage, it is difficult to ignore the huge Sonos. Sonos is still best known for its device class, the experience offers the best known. And the best part of the mobility and ease of use options. It can be easily integrated with your iPhone or iPod, or other Android phone and can be controlled by the device. It offers impressive sound quality and the experience it offers is impressive.

3. Orb MP-1 Music Player

This device makes everything fresh and light with a touch of luxury. This is an ideal digital marking functions and up to the end and covers the most space. Features include excellent sound quality and impressive low speed. The flag looks impressive digital data that is presented as a circular disc with buttons on it. All this makes a great team and the current is hard to ignore, in terms of quality it offers.

4. Sony SMP-N100 Network Media Player

Sony cameras are always excellent for their quality and offer an unforgettable experience. This unit is completely brand name Sony, and offers excellent sound quality thanks to a crystalline technology. They are fully integrated are brought to their appearance and the latest technologies. The buttons are easy to use interface functional and easy to make it a value of an agreement.

5. Argosy HV335T-0020T home network media player

This stream is a network device, latest music, if you want the best product in the music industry. This device is capable of doing everything, and just need opportunities to use it to find perfect. Quality 1080p Digital is simply superb, the quality of the sound. It provides an experience of theater and take home entertainment to a whole new level.

6. Western Digital WD TV HD Media Player Network-ready

Western Digital Network Media Player is a music player, easy and effective, especially on a new dimension to entertainment. The simple design options and features easy to use and easy synchronization with one of the newer devices. It is available at Amazon at a price of only $ 74.99. At this price, this unit is cool music that really deserves a solid agreement.


This is what defines the HD-quality with a touch of luxury and comfort. He is very friendly and everything you need to do is plug in and enjoy the new world of music. With integrated options such as live radio and HD surround sound, this device is high in the market and is very much worth it if you want something unusual in the unit.

8. Xtreamer Media Player Pro

This media professional device is specially for those who seek quality rather than style. But them is a combination of quality and sound. The offer and the excellent quality of digital display opens the door to other devices in its class. Go ahead, if you take things to use in quality with comprehensive functions, which are quite impressive just how.

9. PD-100N Network Media Player

The compact and affordable prices is what makes this system so that the tabloid press. It is so compact that it is difficult to find something in your hand and ultra-futuristic technology that is so cool to use it. It is available at Amazon and you can for only $ 76.48.

[B]10. MediaGate MG-M2TVDW Wireless-N HD Media Player [/B]

These ultra-thin is specially made to hear the chimes. The ultra-compact, futuristic technology and a touch of style and comfort make this tool more than a simple music player. Port design provides high connectivity to more devices and features such as high-definition audio quality and impressive display of this gadget is a perfect choice.


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