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Things that make Apple TV best for all Mac / iPhone / iPad used

November 15, 2011  by: willylive  Points: 12   Category: Design  Earning $0.40   Views: 948

Apple TV is an integral part of the isolates from iTunes and play with other electronic media player Windows Media Player or others. In addition, some complain that only able to play on a widescreen high-definition TV.


If you are already a Mac user with HDTV, Apple TV is still probably the network media player of your choice. For a PC user with an iPhone, which are based exclusively on iTunes for managing your media, you can also appreciate the simplicity and elegant simplicity of the menus on the screen.

Apple TV gives you everything you want to see and hear the access - the most successful films, TV shows, music and photos, even news and sports - on your widescreen TV. And now that the content is stored in icloud, you can easily access television programs that were previously purchased. Even the photos are automatically updated. The most important addition is the reflection of the AirPlay, to the transfer, which is a 2-4S, allows iPhone or iPad directly to your HDTV.

1. Play all files found in your iTunes library

With icloud, the Internet and you can watch your favorite TV shows and music you hear have already bought. In addition, with Photo Gallery images are updated automatically - no synchronization, no transport.

iPhoto in perfect sync with the Apple TV, so that the newest photos are always available to watch on TV. For PC users, iTunes find the picture for you if you store them in the folder "images".

Protected files are music and movies from iTunes, as well as digital versions of movies from your DVD or Blu-ray Disc are bought directly loaded onto your computer.

You can copy music or movies from your iTunes library on one device, but the protection of copyright ensures that other devices cannot play protected files.

Apple products may also authorize a number of different devices to play music and movies. This includes the Apple TV. You have never heard of music or movies that you yourself excluded.

2. HD picture quality is amazing

Playing movies and music is on the board. Photos and HD movies are clear and the colors are vivid, too. No disturbance added to the music. In addition, "as good as the original music file.

3. Synchronize with your computer when you add new files

You do not have your PC to access their media.

Music, movies and photos to find your computer, and into the library from Apple TV added.

Because the media is stored on a hard disk, the computer must not be, or leave open the iTunes software. The hard drive solution eliminates the problems of the network connection at home can also accelerate the speed of streaming media.

The second-generation Apple TV has no hard disk and can only transfer photos, music and movies from your home iTunes library network and online media sites.

4. Easy to configure and connect to your PC and other Apple devices

It is necessary to make the connection problems when configuring a network media player to solve. Some PC or network attached storage and media server may not appear as a current source. You can also use a few adjustments, because it will connect new devices and devices from different manufacturers can make use of software.

Apple is characterized in the production of devices that work with each other proved. You can be sure that you have iPhone, iPod and Mac users to discover each other, to connect and play with little effort. Even a PC with iTunes, you can share multimedia files to Apple TV and other Apple devices.

5. Buy your music and buy or rent movies directly on Apple TV

Want on Apple TV if you want to add a specific record, you can request at any time, directly from the iTunes Music Store on Apple TV to buy. It will then synchronize with your PC directly to the library.

One of the best uses, either for the generation of Apple TV is that you can rent movies from the iTunes Store and see almost immediately. Depending on the speed of your connection, you simply choose to rent a movie and start downloading.

Limitations of the Apple TV

You only can the media files to iTunes on your home network. You can connected any photos, music or movies from a server to the network or computers with iTunes.

The first generation of Apple TV you can buy for under $ 150, the device with 160 GB model and the second-generation Apple TV costs $ 99. No hard drive synchronize with your computer or store the material, but it is connected Netflix and Pandora. For those who buy a first generation Apple TV, remember that Apple has said that to add any further updates to add features such as Pandora and Netflix want.

Movies rented on Apple TV to watch on Apple TV is available to rent as opposed to iTunes, that any video-capable iPod, iPhone or Apple TV can be transferred. Movies from the Apple TV can be bought to an iPod or iPhone through iTunes to be postponed.


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