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10 Slimmest and most exciting TV sets of 2011

November 15, 2011  by: willylive  Points: 12   Category: Gadgets  Earning $0.40   Views: 819

A TV takes the place of honor in our homes. If we are movie lovers or not, have a futuristic television set at home is a source of pride for many. In terms of technological advances, has an exciting variety to choose from. TVs are busy enough room before being replaced by an elegant, refined style, with much more efficiency and capabilities.


If you plan to change the interior and are trying to televisions thinner, are presented below best TV game-show discussion thinner and exciting on the market:

1. Sony Bravia XBR - 55HX929

One of the best models of market power offers, this is the best TV image sharpness and contrast with deeper black levels. The subtle details in the shadows, colors, options and external video editing is all about in a package with a value of competition. It has built in Wi-Fi and 3D.

2. LG Infinia 55LW6500

Although much of it in comparison to other 2-D television, when it comes to 3D images, this is known for his clarity of the image for the absence of disturbances and flicker. The elegant design and 29 sheets of 0.9 mm and the classic black finish along the border with the viola and the bogie of all design details that make this TV a great choice.

3. Samsung UN55C8000 XFXZA

These ultra-thin LED HDTV (0.9 "deep) is very good technology that Samsung offers unparalleled picture quality, with the properties of an edge lighting LED and local dimming technology. Samsung Light Source very efficient and innovative, with great improvement in the Pictures, videos and brilliant colors. The 3D technology is almost perfect, with the facility to convert all 2D, 3D images.

4. Philips 9000 series

One of the last designs of high quality, has Philips 9000-series a stylish design and quality of picture and sound that can be described as exceptional. Reporting on the stainless steel casing and the elegant, compared to last year's model, the dual LED Ambilight, etc., are properties that make it worth a second look to make. The audio system is integrated into the TV stand has a drawback if you want to hang on the wall, and turns to the part that protrudes from the wall, despite its sedan design.

5. Toshiba 46WX800U

The 46WX800U Toshiba comes with many extra features make it an economical choice, if not the best. With a classic black frame with an LCD panel corner wall mount with Toshiba ClearFrame technology, which provides razor sharp, clear images even of moving images. There is also a technology that image scaling for image quality and all that adding improved high-definition. The screen size of 46 inches and the entertainment features that are embedded into the sleek design does not disappoint at all.

6. Panasonic VT30

The quality of all images about Panasonic VT30 is what a good choice. With a performance of great black levels and shadow detail, which can still offer a great contrast in a bright room. The 3D image quality is also top with a Wi-Fi dongle and a 3D crystal. The panel of unique design with the performance of all Panasonic VT30 with a better performance in front of the TV market. Although the cost of tune a bit, can not in itself be seen as expensive, because the clarity of offers.

7. Plasma Samsung D8000 Series

Samsung always comes with a futuristic design and a number D8000 is sure to impress the customers with superior image clarity, high black, sharp images and bright LCD screen and 3D-uniform. The screen is thinner than the LG and Panasonic counterparts and thus more attractive for a customer looking for thinner TVs on the market. To close with a frame and titanium frames, the plasma TV, which is in the crowd. The state of the spider is still a disappointment and ruin the whole design. However, this can be corrected with a wall mount though.

8. LG LW650T

One of the last defenders of the passive 3D technology may have some disadvantages as well, not clarity of 3D LGLW650T creates no reason to complain. With a good 2D performance and lower prices, which also comes with a number of accessories that can save your money a little. "With a clear advantage in external mix much with the thick frame and base area and looking for an elegant screen 30 mm are the things that we cannot ignore, when television and the overall quality.

9. Sony HX 920
The latest flagship Sony TV with the latest technology, has an LED backlight with the added feature of a center that offers complete control over black levels and clarity. At 38 mm, this TV is thinner than many other TVs that are LED backlit. It has elegant and intelligent features that make it, although it might not be worthy to compete with some of his competitors. However, the monolithic design 3D and all the features to consider what a TV.

10. Samsung UN40C7000
Very elegant with a good overall performance in general, also comes with a set of web applications and functions. One of the least expensive 3-D category, the resolution of movement, the Samsung UNB8000 series can be compared, has a super slim design with a rounded edge and stand as X is the lowest category, the show still offers a high quality 3D and then overall a good choice if you're looking at an acquisition cost, the quality still.


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