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How to Build Positive Relationships at Workplace and Outside

November 15, 2011  by: rekhas  Points: 12   Category: Others  Earning $0.50   Views: 655

Effective communication is an important skill. Human beings need to develop and improve their communication skills constantly.


Effective communication is an important skill. Human beings need to develop and improve their communication skills constantly. It does not involve only speaking or listening but also developing interpersonal skills and building good relationships. Moreover, it is important to build positive relationships in the workplace as well as in personal lives.

How to Build Positive Relationships

Here are a few tips and strategies to develop positive relationships at workplace. You may also use these tactics in your personal lives to minimize conflicts and arguments in your daily routine.

Descriptive "I" Language Not Critical "You"

In an organization or elsewhere, it is always a good option to speak in an "I" language. When you use "you" language, it seems to be critical, and displays negative feelings or gives an impression that you are finding faults. For instance, if you say, "Your work is full of mistakes, you need to review it", it seems negative. On the other hand, if you say," I think we need to review the work and correct the mistakes before further progress", it sounds more positive and amicable. "You" language is more judgmental unlike the "I" language.

Focus on Problem Solving

Instead of trying to be coercive or using a controlling strategy, try to communicate with the employees or subordinates in a manner that strives on finding solutions to problems. Rather than manipulating and offending others, try to give instructions in a friendlier manner.

Be Open not Deceptive

There is constant fear of being manipulated in an organization. It is more so, if the managerial authority is ineffective. Sometimes, miscommunication can also create a feeling of being manipulated among employees. Hence, employees fear to speak openly and freely. On the other hand, if superiors are honest while communicating with subordinates, they earn respect and loyalty from the subordinates. Now, being honest does not mean that superiors need to tell all confidential information to subordinates, or that they need to be harsh and strict in feedback. When managers are honest, it prevents employees from being defensive and does not seem to be manipulative.

Being Empathic

When managers and superiors display lack of genuine concern or seem indifferent towards employees, they make the employees defensive and less productive. However, some expression of concern can highly motivate employees to give their best effort at work.

Do not Show Superiority

Sometimes, when managers display a feeling of superiority, it makes their subordinates go into a defensive behavior. This acts as a barrier to effective communication. While trying to avoid seeming inferior, they forget and ignore the main message. However, when you treat the other person equal, while talking, it enforces trust and creates a friendly environment where one can also share healthy feedback after a discussion.

Hear with Open Mind

Always listen with an open mind. It enables to build positive and good relations in the workplace or outside. One can also gain knowledge about new things and information when he or she listens with an open mind. Moreover, it is also a gesture that the listener is giving respect to the speaker by listening with an open mind.


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