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What to consider before buying a Blu-ray

November 16, 2011  by: willylive  Points: 12   Category: Gadgets    Views: 624

Before the decision, a new Blu-ray player purchase must understand that HD DVD is very different from the Blu-ray. Initially, when the Blu-ray concept was developed, this bitter HD DVD to a competitor.


Blu-ray is a high-density optical disc, which may look like traditional CDs and DVDs. However, the Blu-ray technology is very different. In fact, using the name comes from the Blu-ray blue laser to read data on disk. The first prototype Blu-ray was launched in 2000, when the prototype of the player was released three years later. It took three years to release this technology to the official market.

The concept of Blu-ray was initially proposed and developed by the Blu-ray Disc Association. Unlike DVD, CD, Blu-ray has a capacity of 25 GB. The dual-layer Blu-ray discs have twice the capacity of 50 GB drive was developed three four-layer Blu-ray. However, not very common. This additional capacity of these discs are Blu-ray for its simple, high-density storage. Classical CD and DVD with a red laser wavelength is larger than the blue laser used to read Blu-ray. These discs can be played on a Blu-ray compatible. With a 1080p HDTV, all pixels of resolution would be very specific and pointed. In fact, buying a Blu-ray is the best way to see HD content on an HDTV. Mention Blu-ray discs are able to play DVDs and CDs. In some countries like U.S., UK, Australia, etc., a series of films on Blu-ray. If you are thinking of buying a Blu-ray will soon be able to consider the following before buying. These can help with the selection of a model for the future.

Things to consider

1. The Blu-ray Disc have adopted this technology, these players and HD DVD are still available in some countries. Recognizing the necessary difference between these two players. All Blu-ray is a TV eye allows your video. You can also listen to the ' Audio with Blu-ray, but this would require a visual display. you can remember your Blu-ray standard CRT televisions. But you know if your TV has only one characteristic of high-definition content can enjoy high-definition Blu-ray. A HDTV has a resolution of 1080p and can be accessed by a high-definition multimedia interface, as recently announced HDMI. This port allows you to enjoy a Blu-ray HD TVs connected.

2. The main advantage of Blu-ray is its versatility to play DVDs and CDs regularly. You can also burn audio CDs to listen to your favorite music. This feature helps us to our old collections of music and movies without the Blu-ray editions for sale. Otherwise, go to the introduction of Blu-ray, DVD and CD, historically obsolete. Blu-ray can be used as a storage medium and are used at filling stations to play well. Some players are still able to transfer video and audio content directly from the Internet via the Ethernet port.

3. Blu-ray discs offer different ports to rest the eyes. Some players have HDMI cables in the basic package, but some others do not. In addition to the HDMI port, players have composite, S-video and component video outputs. For audio, you have an analog stereo, digital coaxial and optical digital outputs. Audio 2.0 or 7.1 channel surround-channel analog output is available on most Blu-ray. However, it is necessary to know the information of the reader to the available channels of surround sound. If you are TV to play 3D content, you can use the 3D Blu-ray available, the choice of Blu-ray for the future.

4. Gives Blu-ray discs are available in different brands on the market. It could be a new player for only $ 150. However, the high-end models cost about $ 8000 depending on capacity, you can choose the right device. A normal Blu-ray could be purchased for $ 200 with the most important functions. We need to ensure the compatibility of the player with the Blu-ray triple-and quadruple layer to find. Most of these players can activate this feature through a firmware update. Although this feature is not popular these days, you may need in the coming years. It's clears that the Blu-ray impresses with their experience of high-quality digital display, directly from our homes.


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