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Top 10 studio microphones

November 16, 2011  by: willylive  Points: 12   Category: Gadgets  Earning $0.30   Views: 635

Almost all professional musicians come to the sounds of people talking and excited to hear about the inclusion of these beauties. If you are in the field of sound recording, do not even remotely, you should know the best ways to use studio mics, and that the studies of microphones for use with this instrument.


Angles, distances, positions, all come into play when you studio microphones. We made a list of 10 microphones on the market, together with details of your information. In addition, for the geeks out there study, there are some beauties to feast for the eyes.

1. SPS422B Sound Microphone System

One of the studio microphones is easier to assemble available SPS422B sound field is almost a point and shoot type of microphone. Although as a small apartment in a range of microphones, and a little "too hot in the microphones, the ideal sound field for the drums, piano, voice choirs and acoustic instruments as larger.

2. Sennheiser MD 421 II

Sennheiser is known around the world for the production of audio quality. The MD 421 II is one of the world's most popular microphones. And 'possible to capture, in every state and is therefore used for the distribution of applications throughout the world. For reasons of clarity in sound reproduction, the MD 421 II is one of the preferred microphones in the world.

3. AKG C414 microphone

One of the most reliable on the market microphones, the AKG C414 is very popular because of its robustness. You can work well even in places with high humidity and also eliminates interference from other digital audio devices in the environment. In addition "highly recommended individual and solo voices, but not to the sources of audio group as choirs and orchestras.

4. Neumann U87 microphone

Equipped with a large dual-capsule with three directional patterns is one of the most widely used Neumann studio microphones Neumann U87 in the world. The choice of an oval shape can be 8 or omni performed by a switch near the head. The preferred use of the Neumann U87, that you can use near a sound source and still not be too difficult. That sounds almost as well received, and then for a single solo voices and musical instruments very source used.

5. Shure SM57 Cardioid Dynamic Microphone

The Shure SM57, one of the world's most trusted microphones for professional audio recording, has been gaining popularity ever. Provides quality information incredibly well, if the use of high volume instruments and provides the same kind of starting over and over again, even if used it for years. It is difficult, so you can work effectively for so long. And by the way, you know, the podium of the White House used the SM57 for the speeches of the president.

6. Electro Voice RE20

The Electro Voice RE20 microphones transmission is one of the most popular on the market. His refusal, very quiet and good qualities fell surprisingly popular on professional audio recording to close. In addition, are "best used with acoustic instruments, electric guitars, bass and drums, and voices nearby.

7. TL cardioid P48 4011

The microphone for DPA 4011 TL is very popular because of its high accuracy and precision in sound reproduction. It also provides a good rejection of noise and low distortion. And "one of the best microphones around performances of live music for the originality of the sound and is ideal for use with acoustic guitars, drums, piano and wind instruments like flute. It is sometimes used in the position as well, but the other better choice microphones for vocals.

8. Royer R121 Ribbon Microphone

One of the few still R121 Ribbon Microphone Ribbon Microphones Ryer Studio is famous because she handled the situation, high sound pressure level (SPL) with ease and can be used with electric guitars and drums. Can be used over short distances, and because it's still the clarity of the sound. However, it is too large for the rejection of noise and captures the hand is a little "too good.

9. T1 Studio Microphone Behringer

The T1 is a Behringer Tube condenser microphone with a large aperture and a long life, because he wild nature. It can be used equally well with vocals and sounds grouped, and offers a rich production, thanks to its soft and evacuated tube collectors. He also plays well at low frequencies and can therefore be used for all heavy power tools.

10. Coles 4038 Ribbon Mic
A ribbon is the best known is the Coles 4038 studio microphone, and is used as the microphone for the BBC, as it was from the famous BBC radio used known 1950th It has a good chance the sound and make it sound big step up, and is used in overhead drums and guitars.

I hope you had fun with our selection of the best studios in the world 10 microphones. We would be your opinion about your top 10 even you!


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