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How to get the best performance from your stereo

November 16, 2011  by: willylive  Points: 12   Category: Gadgets  Earning $0.25   Views: 983

The purchase of an expensive stereo system is not always necessary for good quality stereo sound experience. Even a mid-range stereo can blow your 'mind when they are well placed and managed.


A high-pitched sound is ranged from satisfactory results, due to poor design or acoustic (listening environment) of the space, or other factors. Therefore, if you are facing the same problem, only a few changes in interior design and decoration of the room or adjust the stereo position of the system to exceed the performance of IT. Therefore, it is important not only bought a stereo for a famous brand, is also concerned about the acoustics at home and some other important factors as follows.

Choose a room with good acoustics

Spacious rooms are spacious and totally unsuitable for a 7.1-channel audio and the sound echoed for him as a blur. Therefore, the small and medium-sized rooms elected to the sound for the best sound to be present. Try to keep the room that chooses not to parallel to the walls, since this helps the sound waves to play well, avoiding parallel walls echoed the room.

Place your speakers in a position

Select the position of the speaker, depending on the size and type of sound you hear from them. The tweeters (small speakers) must be placed in the front, the speakers on the tower in the middle and finally woofer and subwoofer (the largest low-output) in the past. Try the speakers (tweeter and speaker tower) at a height of 4-5 meters from ground level, to improve the quality of listening. This is is given to the amount that an average human ear to the ground. Therefore, it is clear that the placement of the loudspeakers in a listening levels (not the woofer) and better.

Place the speakers closer to the ground

This output provides the bass speakers capital and best done close to the ground. You can also hide under the bed or sofa in order to achieve good results.

Buy high-quality audio receiver

Just do research on the Internet before buying them. Technical training provider may also help in this matter. Go to the receptors with high performance. You need a receiver with multiple systems playing music similar to each other, like a DVD player, FM radio, connect the USB reader, Internet radio, etc. This is the flexibility of the music on the stereo system to increase.

Go for high-quality cables for connections between the speakers

Low quality cables, with high resistance to environmental factors increases the load on the system and thus more power and influence over the net return from the speakers. Good use of high-quality copper cables up to 1.5 square millimeters. Indicator for speaker connection. Of course this is not a problem for wireless models.

Properly install the furniture in the room

Placed abruptly can mobile sound effects and echo blurred. For example, instead of the bed in the middle of the room, but holds her against a wall to avoid the echo effect. If it is in the middle of the room on the path of sound waves and spread in space, which provides a pleasant listening experience.

To maintain the optimal distance between two consecutive speakers

Keep about 5-8 feet apart in order to avoid cancellation of their mutual monitoring audio outputs.

Make arrangements to accommodate acoustic reflections

Room with a fine finish to the wall or floor wax, produced significant echoes caused by reflections of sound waves that can sour your love to hear good music. All possible measures to reduce these reflections. The rooms have textured walls, floor mat and a heavy curtain covered windows, etc. are exactly right for the placement of your stereo system.

Adjust the audio settings / main receiver audio equalizer

Go to the configuration of the system with speakers to make the final adjustment. A music that is familiar to me, and begin the equalizer on the main receiver set. Some receivers have analogue control panel, while other digital control screen. The frequency increases as it moves to the right. Lower frequencies decide the bass, while the upper levels to decide the outcome. Adjust the settings accordingly enjoy the comfort of your ears and the music.


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