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Did Maummar Gaddafi do any Good ?

November 16, 2011  by: Madan G Singh  Points: 15   Category: Political    Views: 444

Gaddafi is dead and gone, but people must not forget that he did do some good as well


The entire internet is full of articles that expound the bad deeds of Maummar Gadaffi. Yes! I agree he was a tyrant, but then all my friends will know that a coin has two sides and it is inconceivable that when you toss the coin it will always be heads. So may be there was a flip side to the tyranny of Gaddafi. Let me add that I am not a supporter of Gaddafi and the deeds he did, perhaps his end though macabre was inevitable, but you can't brush 42 years of rule under the carpet. It was certainly an era that saw him outlive 6 US presidents rule.
A bit of research and some startling facts are out that I thought to pen for my readers or the poor souls who may find time to read my writings.
- Firstly he was against the brand of Islam brandished by the Wahabi Sect. He hanged quite of a few of these diehard Islamic followers and faced many assassination attempts from them. The West and India is fighting Islamic sponsored terrorism in a so called 'war on terror' led by Al Qaeda. Gaddafi was against Al Qaeda and had joined the war on terror. The new dispensation is showing its true colors by announcing that Libya will have an Islamic state and a man can have 4 wives.
- Gaddafi did not permit 4 wives but a newly wed in Libya was entitled to $50,000 from the government to kick start a new life. In addition the government gave a grant of $5000 to all Libyan mothers who gave birth to children.
- How many know that Electricity was FREE in Libya and nobody paid any electric bills. In addition the price of petrol was 14cents. That's pretty low, though Libya was a major oil producer. Talking of food stuffs, a large loaf of bread cost only 15 cents.
- All Libyans who entered Government hospitals had FREE medical treatment. There were no medical bills and that is not a small thing.
- The literacy rate under Gaddafi rose from 26% to 83%. In addition University education in Government universities was free. There were no tuition fees.
- The Libyan economy was sound with a growth rate of 10% and a GDP per capita income of $ 14,884. In fact in 2010 the growth rate is 10.6%.Obviously this translated to a greater purchasing power of the average Libyan. In addition the Libya under Gaddafi had no external liabilities of any kind and inflation was just about 1%.
- Any Libyan citizen, who took a loan from a bank, did not pay any interest on his advance. In case he bought a car his price of the car was subsidized by the government by 50%. So a Libyan paid only half the cost of a car. A Libyan was also entitled to a dole from the government in case he was without a job.
- Lastly it should not be forgotten that he gave up research and development of WMD and joined the fight against Islamic terror
All the above add up to a good life for the average Libyan citizen. In addition Libya has over 150 billion dollars of reserves. It's a lot of money for a small nation. Obviously sometimes the good that men do gets blurred for reasons that mainly have something to do with the human spirit, that seeks freedom.


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