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Six Fatal Reasons that Endanger Families Today

November 16, 2011  by: Paulose  Points: 15   Category: Others    Views: 614

Families are dying today. Joint families of India are disappearing from the society with additional burdens and problems. DINK families (double income no kid families) are considered ideal. Will the families survive?


Family has been the basis of society. But today family life is at the crossroads. All over the world family is on the decline. Economic problems, psychological problems, problems connected to relationships, parenting, migration and life style are making families unstable. Family now is unable to perform all the functions it performed in the past. Family courts are filled with disputes everywhere. Divorces are increasing by leaps and bounds. All these lead to a vital question: Will family survive?

It is high time to look at the various problems that haunt the contemporary family life, questioning the very survival of its existence. If family life should survive it needs to be taken care of and attitudes should change.

Six fatal reasons that endanger families

1) Economic reasons

Main cause of the fall in the family structure is the economic condition of the family. With around a quarter of human population living below poverty line, and large middle class struggling to make both ends meet, economic necessities lead to long separation of spouses. Dual working parents face adjustment problems in their families. Large scale migration has much influence on decline of families. In India, dowry problems, unmarried daughters, increasing debt, etc. are severely constraining on the families.

2) Relational reasons

Relationship problems range from simple disagreements to major strife. Over domination by one spouse, clashes among children or with neighbors, inability to communicate properly, lack of time spent together, sexual inadequacies, age differences, problems with in-laws, lack of understanding, jealousy, and cultural differences are all so prevalent and numb the function of many families.

3) Parenting-related reasons

Nowadays, parenting has become an almost impossible task. Lack of parenting skills and the loss joint family support systems have made families helpless. Parents have become just pleasers who placate children in order to buy peace in the family.

4) Psychological reasons

Conservative estimates put more than 10 per cent of our population to be psychiatrically sick. This situation has become a huge strain on families. Paranoia, inferiority and superiority complex feelings, wife battering, child battering, alcoholism, gambling, addictions, extra-marital and pre-marital sex, ego problems and similar issues are creating psychological problems making families more and more dysfunctional, ultimately leading them to separation and suffering.

5) Migration-related reasons

Migration due to various reasons has become a serious problem today, especially in India. With substantial internal and external migration and large number of migrators remaining single, sexual needs are met with abnormal ways. The sudden spurt in AIDS and HIV has shocked the international community. Family has been hit hard by migration and its related issues.

6) Life-style related reasons

Life-style related problems, generation gap problems, especially problems of the aged, socio-cultural problems arising from the changing norms and values, alarming growth of consumerism and a host of other problems plague families of modern world. Family suicides have become a common affair exposing the symptoms of the decaying families.

Human thirst for joy and happiness is growing day by day searching solutions through selfishness. But we tend to forget that this can come only through a healthy and happy family. It is high time to act and protect our dying families.



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