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Arcam Speaker Dock for rCube iPode

November 16, 2011  by: willylive  Points: 20   Category: Gadgets    Views: 1329

It is a fresh product of the year. This is what he has to say on the video review of this innovative product that has revolutionized the world of music. We hope to develop portable high-fidelity wireless audio streaming should be.


When using a large gathering of friends in solitude leads rcub Arcam iPod music with surprising ease and offers exceptional clarity, even at low volume.

What it is:
In terms of specific products is compatible with iPhone iPod Arcam rcub 4, 3 GS iPhone, iPod Touch (third generation), iPod classic (sixth generation) and iPod (fifth generation).

The feeling of an iPod rcub Arcam is large and bright colors.Woofer channels is in white and black, channels, and a harmonic distortion tweeter ensures a continuous power output. Energy consumption is 90 W or less, and its dimensions are 200 * 200 * 200 mm. He rcub Arcam iPod is a weight of 5 kg, and lead and control remote control with CR2025 battery for the fluidity of music helps you relax after a busy workday to guarantee delivery.

When it comes to the use of iPod speaker dock from Arcam rcub arrives, it is very easy to use and carry. Can be inserted into the room to use, you want to play and let the music is so simple! It can be used in any place and time to relax at work, at home or with a great day with friends at the park

Due to the presence of a powerful battery that needs to find a mess of wires and avoid entirely as a phone can be charged. Music from iPhone or iPod to play with iPod docking speakers Arcam rcub. The aid to Rwanda dongle for wireless transmission of music and can connect via iPhone, iPod or iPhone.

When music is on a PC or Mac, USB dongle simply rWave and music are transmitted wirelessly to the base of iPod speakers for Arcam rcub.

Key Features

Bucket by bucket from the stream:

Music can make a connection to another rcub rcub and the whole house, pulsating rhythm of the music that rocks the whole house can be damped simultaneously.

Easy to carry case:

The dock connector reconnect the iPod or iPhone via a simple counter on the top and the presence of a strong handle application ensures that the iPod docking speakers for Arcam rcub is a breeze.

Charging station:

While connected, it loads the dock connector of your iPod or iPhone. The remote that comes is also a great help, as it helps rcub iPod docking speakers and connection for iPod control.

Long battery life:

The heavy-ion battery ensures that the music comes up to 8 hours in a row, before charging the battery.

Multiple streaming effortlessly:

Up to four speakers can Arcam rcub simultaneously through iPhone iPod / iPhone / iPod or PC / MAC connecting to Rwanda and rWave.

Connectivity video:

Rcub compound or component video outputs assist in the delivery of video playback from iPod and iPhone that can be supported. An optional cable is dedicated to the same question.

What is innovative

The innovation of iPod dock speaker Arcam rcub lies in its creation. An integrated iPod dock with Kleer technology miracles. The setting is incredible and the sound system for a system with a size smaller than a soccer ball, which is remarkable in itself. Battery on a volume as is another innovation that can not be predicted. Play up to eight hours of music at moderate levels speaker dock for iPod is a remarkable innovation rcub Arcam every music lover will definitely want.

Price and Availability

You can use the iPod speaker dock rcub Arcam home several websites that are delivered in the music business and the sale of electronic products. In fact, you can check the details at www. arcam.co.uk where the speaker is Arcam rcub iPod for a price of $ 799.

The top

Bucket by bucket-streaming, easy to carry case, a good battery, easy and effortless multi-streaming video connection systems are just some of the advantages of docking station for iPod speakers that make Arcam rcub this product a worthy purchase.

The disadvantage

The price seems to be something in the top and add that extra $ 50, you must pay to use the USB adapter.

The bottom line
If so, the price would be $ 100 less ignore, the Arcam rcub Dock Speaker for iPod, in fact, an innovation that certainly put a smile on the faces of those who bring in music.


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