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The 10 most exciting big subwoofer

November 16, 2011  by: willylive  Points: 12   Category: Gadgets  Earning $0.20   Views: 1258

Subwoofers are an integral part of any music or home theater system, improving the quality of music production is very good. A good subwoofer is determined by a combination of performance characteristics and low is one of the main reasons for the success of a subwoofer.


Suffice it to great effect down the subwoofer should be to produce the desired low. More power means an increase in the clarity of the music played from the subwoofer. Leading manufacturer of subwoofers try to get a better product innovation to bring great music and loud sound.

Subwoofer with excellent sound quality and better features are listed below:

1. BIC America Formula F-Series 12

F 12 BIC is one subwoofer, which can function to recite the living room with its impact on the low shot. This subwoofer provides low frequency tones that are sharp, and produces less bass and rich. The lower end of the spectrum to give precise and clear and dramatic effects. F 12 BIC has produced a classic look and appeal together with the ability to be strong and powerful sound with clarity. Priced at $ 499, this subwoofer is a bit heavy 'and price.

2. Polk Audio PSW125

Polk Audio has introduced its new Polk PSW125 subwoofer, which means an answer close down, which means that low quality is at its best. One of the best things about this is in the design of his cabinet, which is very cool. This device offers optimum performance for movies and music in a small room. The price is $ 325, which seems to be an amount in relation to their identity.

3. Klipsch Synergy Series Sub 10

Klipsch has the perfect sound with excellent clarity and excellent bass. 200-watt amplifier is a powered subwoofer that their party, a peak power of 420 watts, which is difficult to give more options for the subwoofer. However, there is no entry on the map with a second subwoofer that combine disappointing. The price is $ 364.36, which can be justified by its performance.

4. Velodyne Impact Series 12

This subwoofer is very attractive and has excellent sound quality and built just as well. This subwoofer is good for the theater and music. Velodyne Impact Cross and the volume control, which is a good buy because it is priced at only $ 290.

5. Advanced Yamaha YST SW216BL

This subwoofer is very powerful home theater performance and also has the great dynamism. This is an all-weather subwoofer that has a good sound quality and very cheap, which is on their list of good quality. Although quality sound cheap and good, this subwoofer has many features including the bass response of the subwoofer and the power is slowly a little '"less. The price is only $ 99.

6. Jamo SUB 300

The design is the first attraction of the Jamo Sub 300, which is included with the capacity of the effects of motion space under its low-end bass. The amplifier can produce 300 watts of peak power and supports high-fidelity music. It also has a single door. This subwoofer is priced at $ 399.

7. MTX jackhammer 22

The subwoofer MTX Jackhammer is the strongest and largest in its class. The bass is supplied to a very high standard for this subwoofer. The audio output is impressive and very clear, even at high volume. This subwoofer is definitive, albeit expensive, but it is always loud music like this is the best option you have.

8. JBL ES Series ES150P

The bass response is the excellent quality of the JBL ES series subwoofers. It produces 300 watts of continuous power with 500 watts of dynamic peak. However, some customers have complained about the bad sound with sums and their duration is not even worth it $ 379.65. The buyer should not be given the opportunity to complain.

9. LSP12 lava Subwoofer

These front-firing subwoofer delivers a maximum power of 250 watts to 500 watts. Lava subwoofer are ideally made for home theater system, since the production of low-frequency effects are great. Not many negative points against this product. The price is set at $ 329.00.

10. Drawings Elementary A3S 250

The Elemental designs subwoofer bass hits you hard, so that the sound was very good. And "solid built up to a maximum of heavy light. The design is excellent with a service. And 'life very tough and long term. Thunderous has a low frequency of severe shocks to keep the sound fresh and intact. Price of $350.00, and the only flaw is that these subwoofers can be purchased directly from producers.


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