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What do you think before buying a Bluetooth headset

November 16, 2011  by: willylive  Points: 12   Category: Gadgets  Earning $0.40   Views: 871

The selection of a Bluetooth headset may be for you, but the real problem is that there must be others. The main feature of the headphones is what should be good enough for our ears.


Although it is not hygienic for tests to walk, but we must try. The most important factor that determines the success of a headset that is how it fits and feels. Varies from one individual to another and even from ear to ear. Other factors are sound quality, battery life, design, and many additional features.

Here we discuss nine points to help you choose the right:

The call quality
Determining call quality throughout the process. Your example may be a good sound quality, the voice that clearly convey the sound of his voice thin, but with the other person. If you listen to the voice quality as one of the most important editor of choice and then check the Aliph Jawbone headset and a command has been Mototrola although many others went on the market. Call quality is a feature that varies from one to the other set. However, despite major counterparts, models, tiny speakers, microphones, and sound Jawbone BlueAnt Q2 was much better.

Noise Cancellation
The ability of noise is one of the most important property because it is what the other feels. With a headset instead of a multitude of problems such as in a conference room or noisy high-speed driving with the windows open is a real test that distinguishes a good villain. Headset with more than one microphone is usually best described as one of their micro can be used to detect the noise and the noise can be easily separated using the DSP algorithm to be dedicated. You must prove ownership of noise cancellation for Bluetooth headsets. The generation of the jaw was the fifth Aliph is the most advanced noise cancellation technology.

HeryX1 Motorola is a sentence with a battery that is very high, you can take his load only about eight hours, but less trendy and is uncomfortable to some extent. The Voyager PRO is about 6-7 hours. Jabra line of stone, the Sound ID 510 has a very poor sound quality.

This choice is very personal. Models such as Motorola command has a rubbery surface, which is completed in the ears. It provides a measure very safe, without closing, but some of us very uncomfortable. More generally in the form defined on the edge of the ears. However, Plantronics Voyager and Samsung HM3600 is hooked.

Usually people use the Bluetooth headset, even if not used, but many people think that the games seem to be stupid Bluetooth. Here you will find more attractive as PlantronicsSavorM1100 Bluetooth devices such as pin the design is elegant and beautiful and has MotorolaH17txt recovery. The era of small, but attractive Aliph Jawbone is even better.

The range of hearing is less dependent on one group to another. They are usually in their theoretical limits, or limits of 33 meters and is one of the major limitations of the technology. Some headsets have 10 to 15 meters and some of them 20 meters too far, too.

Mono vs. Stereo
Some headphones have a mono audio capabilities are consistent with one ear. But to listen to music in stereo dual-ear feedback tourist favorite models. There are also convertible models like the Samsung HM6450 mode provides both stereo and mono modes. Nokia BH 905 and dual-mode system sounds good.

Bonus Features
All the additional features depends mainly on the number chosen. And "the functions of the jaw that makes the laptop are fully programmable. With the Jawbone HD icon, properties of a USB dongle that provides links to audio cable with less than MAC or PC. A command Motorola Android have different properties, messages text sent to the headphones can be read. Some groups, such as Plantronics Voyager Pro, both have features that allow you to connect to two devices simultaneously.

Bluetooth kits are about $ 99, but you can find discounts of $ 80 or $ 70. If you can go for a larger number of outlets also find under $ 50.


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