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More than 10 Winamp groped or you can play audio files

November 16, 2011  by: willylive  Points: 12   Category: Gadgets  Earning $0.30   Views: 938

Winamp is in fact the most popular audio / video / media player on the world and offers the best audio output for playback by the media, but there are still people who hate using Winamp for several reasons.


What should I use to play media files? What alternatives are there, for Winamp to play audio, video and media art?

Let's see how some of the alternatives available for Winamp and what they are doing everything to offer:

1. VLC Player
2, MPEG - - 4, H.264, DivX, MPEG 1 -., MP3, OGG Conceived as an academic project in 1996, is now read as a portable media player VLC player, multiple audio and video formats (such as MPEG can be displayed, AAC, etc..) Not only VLC can play DVDs, audio CDs and VCDs.

2. Media Monkey
Media Monkey is a media library. It "developed by Ventis Media Inc. The application helps you organize and play audio Microsoft Windows operating system. It can be used to play CDs and digital audio files. Supported media formats AAC/MP4 mono MP3, OGG, WMA, MPC , APE, FLAC, WAV, etc. A key feature of the Apes is the support that the volume is adjusted automatically.

3. Quintessential Media Player
Quintessential Player (QCD and previously as PGC - Quientessential CD) is a free player multi-media format developed by Paul Quinn. The program began in 1995 when only a CD player for Windows, but in time became the support formats like MP3, WMA, OGG and CD. The program also serves as a highly customizable, which means it can be adapted to the needs of the owner.

4. Songbird
Launched in 2006 by pioneers of the inevitable, Songbird audio player is a free open source Web browser for easy integration with Mozilla XULRunner and GStreamer multimedia framework to give a web-media to the consumer. The program is compatible with Microsoft Windows, Apple Mac OS X, Solaris and Linux.

5. musikCube
Originally created as a fork of wxMusik musicCube extended to functions which are not seen elsewhere. The application is compatible with formats like MP3, AAC, OGG and FLAC. The program uses an embedded SQL database engine, so that for a layman to run really fast!

6. Amarok
Developed by KDE Amarok is a music player, multi-platform formats such as FLAC, OGG, MP3, AAC, WAV, WMA, etc. The program is integrated into Wikipedia and retrieve information are displayed on the artist when the song plays are supported. The program also shows the text, if available. The application is compatible with Linux, UNIX, Mac OS X and Windows.

7. foobar2000
Developed by Peter Pawlowski Foobar2000 is an free audio player is compatible only with Microsoft Windows operating system. The application has a customizable user interface, which supports formats MP1, MP2, MP3, MPC, AAC, OGG, FLAC, WavPack, WAV, AIFF, AU, SND, and CDs.

8. XMPlay
XMPlay is estimated known for its application in a hurry. This is a jukebox program that plays almost all audio formats such as OGG, MP3, MP2, MP1, WMA, WAV, AIFF, CDA, MO3, IT, XM, S3M, MTM, MOD, UMX audio formats PLS, M3U, ASX, WAX playlists. Not only that, the program supports plug-in Winamp, which means that you use the features of Winamp, if you want.

9. Billy
Billy is a lightweight audio player for points. This means that you can quickly have a directory full of MP3 files, without you going crazy adding all the songs in different folders on your PC can play as a playlist.

10. Sonique player
Sonique is an audio playback of programs that have become famous for their technical characteristics, but the outlook and appearance. Irrectangular Sonique player skins as the key to its popularity. This is a free application and is compatible only with Microsoft Windows. The player was also appreciated for its excellent audiovisual effects. The reader supports the following formats: MP3, MP2, OGG Vorbis, WAV, MOD, XM, IT, S3M, Audio CD and Windows Media Audio (WMA). The player uses a Windows interface that appeals to all users.


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