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A Nostalgic Reminiscence of Summer Vacation

November 17, 2011  by: rekhas  Points: 12   Category: Others  Earning $0.25   Views: 700

Here is my first attempt towards writing a short story. Do leave back your feedback on it. It is a short story about a girl's nostalgia about summer vacation and travel with her mother.


It was a nice sunny afternoon; an enthusiastic an 11-year-old girl was watching the Howrah Bridge from the waiting hall terrace in Kolkata railway station. In those days, it was still Calcutta. Hawkers were busy selling sweetmeats, fruits, handbags and leather items on the street. Everything on the road was looking so tiny from the terrace of the waiting hall. She felt as though she was a queen who was looking down at her subjects on the road. The occasional smell of snacks and food near the cafeteria were distracting her royal thoughts.

Oh, by the way, she was going to Hyderabad with her beloved mother, to spend her one-month summer vacation. She was very sad that her father could not get a leave from his work. However, he promised to join them later, so that they could return together after the vacation. It was a stressful two and a half days train journey because we left home the earlier morning at six to reach Calcutta from Asansol.

Now, it would be a journey in the first class compartment, from Calcutta to Hyderabad. Mother was glad to buy her 11-year-old child plenty of comics, coloring books and games to keep her busy in the train. It is important to note how patient the mother was. She had to take care of the luggage along with an 11-year-old naughty brat. However, she never had a frown on her face. Maybe mothers are truly god's gift to humanity. At times, we fear of God's wrath but a mother never loses patience.

The 11-year-old is now married and all the way in America. Her mother and father now live in Hyderabad. It is still a two days of stressful flight journey to meet her parents. Life is such. We never have satisfaction with what we have. The grass on the other side always looks greener. Until we fall into marriage, it seems rosy and romantic. Once after marriage, we realize there are several responsibilities, do's and don'ts. These restrictions seem to be higher for women than the men. We need permissions to go out, to spend, and to visit parents, friends or relatives. Yet, ironically, everyone says, marriage is about equality, like two wheels of a train that run on the track for a lifetime. Yet, the man in the relation has a little higher stake or share of the equality.

It is still a sunny afternoon in America today. She continues to think about her childhood vacations and lovely time spent with parents. She constantly compares the life of her parents with her own married life. She sees that her parents had a wonderful bond; they understood the non-verbal communication between each other and never had an argument. Her life seems to be totally opposite to that. Frequent quarrels, stress, frustration and isolation have made it impossible to think sanely. Maybe a few will agree to her reminiscing while others might think she is over-reacting.

Maybe all go through this stage where there is no hope for a relationship to survive. Do we need to continue the hopeless relation? Despite giving several attempts, it just does not work right. Is it possible to survive in a relation where love, affection, trust are one-sided. On the other hand, it is just too much expectation on the spouse. If you faced such a thing, leave back a comment on this article.


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