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Making Travel A Pleasant Experience !

November 19, 2011  by: ushakiran  Points: 12   Category: Travel & Places  Earning $0.40   Views: 677

A holiday is enjoyable only when there is happiness and a carefree atmosphere instead of tension and stress.


Making Travel a pleasant experience!

A happy holiday spent in the company of close family or friends is likely to be remembered by everyone.We tend to remember each and every details about those holidays we spent as children with our parents when there are happy and exciting memories associated with them !Such memories remain with us for life time.
Therefore, It is essential that a good holiday also requires the right frame of mind and a positive attitude by all the family members and friends to make it enjoyable and relaxing for everyone and so it is in the hands of all the members to make it a success and memorable !

Most people start making plans to go on a vacation and it is a most looked forward event in their lives. First of all they need to plan their budget and select the place.Once that is done, they need to book the accommodation and other details like planning the actual travel route.It is imperative that all the members pool in and take responsibility in whatever capacity.This makes the youngsters learn about budgeting and planning a holiday on their own which is an important lesson in time and finance management.

While going through some travel brochures where the travel companies listed all the facilities they were offering , plus an additional feature like jain food,kosher food,south Indian vegetarian food etc etc for travelers, got me thinking as to how fastidious people are when it comes to food habits.When we travel to a new place we should try out whatever is available there and also try some of the local specialties as well.It is part of the travel experience and will definitely benefit us ! We have so much variety within one country, in fact even within a state the food habits are different and travel provides the right opportunity to experiment and get introduced to something new..it is part of a travel experience to get the feel of the place, know the culture and some historical background about the place and also try out the local dishes !

Packing is an essential part of travel . Clothes and other essentials should be selected carefully without overloading the travel bags since it becomes cumbersome to carry heavy suitcases.It is better to take smaller individual bags for each member so that it becomes easier to manage the luggage and also it makes each person responsible for his/her things.Plan according to the place you visit and carry only what is essential.I know of a couple who were going to a mountain resort for their holiday.The wife carried a lot of jewellery and heavy silk sarees along with other stuff.Unfortunately most of her jewellery and sarees were stolen ...One should never carry important documents,Jewellery,and other expensive stuff while going on a holiday ! A holiday is meant for relaxation, enjoying a new place and also bonding with family members and friends !

One should also make sure to get all the details and information about the vacation spot like places of interest, temperature and likely weather conditions during your stay etc.One should remember to carry some basic medication and other essentials like bay food or food supplements for children if they are used to taking any!

Finally, it is advisable for everyone to remain positive and try not to lose one's temper and spoil the holiday for the entire group of family or friends as the case may be . A holiday is enjoyable only when there is happiness and a carefree atmosphere instead of tension and stress.


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