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Salman Rushdie and his Novel 'Luka and the Fire of Life'

November 19, 2011  by: Madan G Singh  Points: 12   Category: People    Views: 476

Salman Rushdie is a great Indian writer now settled in England. His latest book 'Luka and the Fire of Life' is worth reading end to end.


Salman Rushdie is an Indian writer who wrote the Satanic verses . Perhaps that one book condemned him in the Moslem world. But there is more to Rushdie than the satanic verses. I have my reservations about this book, but it does not in any way diminsh my regard of Rushdie as one of the great writers of this generation.

Rushdie has written many other books starting from Midnight children . This is a brilliant book and I for one have been dazzled by it. Rightly the book won the Booker Prize. The power of Salman Rushdie's pen is there in his books. His latest offering Luka and the fire of life is another exceptional book. It is touted as a fairy tale, but it is not for children. The book is for grown ups and can be read by all people. Rushdie's last fairy tale the Haraun and Sea of Stories might give the reader a clue as to what Rushdie is trying to convey in his latest book.

Haroun was the hero of the earlier novel. In this novel his 12 year old younger brother Luka is the central character. The story plot itself is a tribute to Salman Rushdie imagination. He certainly has a fertile brain to churn out such tales and put them to paper with telling effect. Rushdie creates the story through the eyes of Rashid Khalifa who falls into a deep slumber and does not wake up for days. Rushdie also creates the angel of death in human form named Nobodaddy. It is a tale with intricate plots and certainly a tribute to Rushdie's genius. The story ends with Luka giving some hot potatoes given to him by Soraya of the magic carpet to his father. Just in time as Rashid Khalifa recovers and the family live happily ever after.

There is more to Rushdie than his fertile pen and brain. Definitely they function in a higher realm. Even his other body parts are well endowed. How else can one explain a succession of wives and Mistresses who keep him company? Here is a middle aged man who not only writes of dreams and fantasy and yet in real life lives the role of the eternal play boy. That is another reason to admire Rushdie.

But the last word is the pen of Rushdie. I for one will certainly vote for a Nobel Prize for this man. He deserves it.


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