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Faro Island and its Association with Ingmar Bergman

November 19, 2011  by: Madan G Singh  Points: 12   Category: Movies    Views: 433

Ingmar Bergman has a name in the Film world. Faro island was his retreat which he used to recoup his energy.


Sweeden is not too well known as a center of world cinema,the mantle of which has fallen on Hollywood and Mumbai to an extant. But outside these two centres many noteworthy film producers and directors have emerged. One of them was Ingmar Bergman. Born in 1918 Ingmar lived a full life before breathing his last in 2007.

Many people know about Ingmar Bergman but very few would have heard of Faro Island. Well Faro Island is a island of the east coast of Swedon in the Baltic Sea. It is a small place with just about 600 inhabitants.The significance of this place lies in the fact that it was the home of Ingmar for well nigh 40 years. He loved the place and shot a lot many of his films here.
Ingemar was a creative person and as is the wont with creative persons , sex was second nature to him. He was married 5 times and romantically linked with a lot others including some famous Hollywood and Europeon stars. Faro island was the inspiration for a lot many of his films.It is a rural island with very little of the ameneties as we know them like banks and post office which are simply not there.

Bergman loved the place and shot many of his best films on the island.Thus Through A Glass darkly,Hour of the wolf and Shame were shot on this island. In addition another great like Andrei Tarkovsky, also shot his last film The sacrifice here. This island has certainly sown the seeds of creativity in these film makers.
Though Bergman is no more his memory lives on the island. His daughter has opened the door to Bergman's estate to artistes who can work and stay at the estate. It was what Bergman wanted. The memory of Bergman lives on and if you are a film buff ,a visit to Faro island and Bergmans estate will not be amiss.


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