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Family's duty

November 19, 2011  by: befrindwithme26  Points: 8   Category: Others    Views: 941

It is responsibility for parents to take care kids and home support


Some families living with no good relationship with family and kids because they did not do their duty how to live with responsible parents.

The cause of some early irresponsible family is:

Early age to get pregnant.

No council from parents.

Follow their own emotion and do what they want.

No plan to have family.
They don't have enough learning how to have family.

There is no wise decision.

Now, the most problems they face are financial problems. And especially they don't have jobs, and living in the parents will give more problems.

It is hard to get married in the early age if you don't have knowledge how to care family and kids and how to be responsible.

The duty of family is to support your child.
The husband should work, find job so they can eat, buy needs, and anything they needed in personal.

The wife responsibilities are to work in home, take care of the kids, and take care the husband needs.
Each family 's responsibility is to do what their job as parents helping each other ,working together how to live with self-money to support, as independent.
It is not a game; I know that in that situation you have to do what needs in home and also the kids.

Author: Paulose        
Posted Date: 11/30/2011    Points:3    

A good analysis on modern families. Family life, in fact, is at the crossroads all over the world. The structure of the family is changed today and divorces are on the increase by leaps and bounds. The sacredness of marital life has lost its value in the consumerist life of modern culture. Thaks for the hints given.
Author: Joina        
Posted Date: 12/23/2015    Points:6    

There are sometimes argument in between husband and wife, but they should not get carried away by sadness and the couples should never go to bed without making peace. The three magic phrases ''excuse me'', ''thank you'', and ''I am sorry'' must thrive within families and marriage. Use these three phases when it is necessary. Do not forget to pray. Of course you can see the peace prevailing in such families. If the couples can make peace within their families, the marriage will move forward. I can say that they are the successful couples. Adjustment is normally not easy in married life, if the character and attitude of husband and wife is totally different. If they can understand each other and can respect each other, then they can lead a happy married life.

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