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The Atomic Bombing of Japan ( 6 August 1945)

November 21, 2011  by: Madan G Singh  Points: 12   Category: Political    Views: 462

2 Atom bombs were dropped on Japan in 1945. This led to vast destruction and radiation effects that still are prevalent


Almost 65 years ago an event of great importance shook the world. It heralded a weapon of such mass destruction, the like of which had never been seen on this world. Drawing on Albert Eienstein theory of energy and mass the scientists in the United States could perfect an Atomic bomb that had unprecedented destructive powers.

The Bombings
Once the weapon was ready the US armed forces as well as the Scientists, not forgetting the political leadership wished to test this weapon. Hence secret plans were made to test the weapon on Japan, not withstanding intelligence reports that the Japanese wished to end the war and were only looking for a face saving way out. In fact at that stage Japan was already defeated.
This pernicious plan involved bombing of all Japanese cities. In fact 67 Japanese cities were relentlessly bombed with fire bombs, but 3 cities namely Hiroshima, Nagasaki and Kyoto were spared these fire bombing raids. The sinister aim was to keep these cities ready for the testing of the Atomic bombs. All this is now apparent only now. But at that time the Allies asked for unconditional surrender of Japan as per the Potsdam declaration. This was a smoke screen to drop the bombs on Japan, as the Allies and the United States already knew that the Japanese would reject the ultimatum.
At this point of time it is apparent that the allies and in particular the United States had planned to drop the Atomic bombs only on Japan. At no stage it was ever thought to drop any atomic bomb on Germany. Perhaps this subtle shift in strategy brings out the sinister approach of the western powers who probably felt that Asian lives were expendable. Also the effects of radiation and fire were not to be tested in Europe. Japan was ok for this testing, as it was an Asian power.
Last Word
The sad part is that two Atomic bombs were dropped on Japan and the resultant effect was frightening. The city centers were destroyed and a large ball of fire engulphed the two cities. The after effects of radiation continued for decades and thousands more died. It was in effect a crime against humanity. Now , nearly six decades later we can look back and hope that such an eventuality never occurs again. Let us hope also that the United States does not test weapons in an Asian and African environment.


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