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My Fight with Stage Fright

November 21, 2011  by: Paulose  Points: 20   Category: Others    Views: 579

Public speaking is an art. It can be easily attained by practice. I had a tough fight with this experience.


It was a great experience- my first fight with stage fright. The thought of standing up in front of others still sends shivering into my spine! I was just ten years old when I was pushed before an audience. I had been given a topic about a national leader to talk for three minutes which I had memorized and recited by heart in front of my class teacher. But when my turn came to stand in front of an audience, the whole plate of my memory was washed out and I had to stand blinking at the audience while others were making signs to say something. I managed to recite an old rhyme and not the passage that I had memorized. Though my attempt to deliver my maiden speech was a failure, my trial to face the stage was a successful one.

Now after so many years of trial and error, I can give some tips on fighting with stage fright.

Ten Tips to Fight With Stage Fright


The most important rule to avoid stage fright is to practice and rehearse several times before you present your speech to the audience. You need to practice thoroughly whatever you want to speak. Make notes of what you intend to speak and rehearse thoroughly to avoid confusion at the time of actual speech. It is well said that effective speaking is an art which can be learnt. Anyone can master the basic techniques for making an audience sit up and listen. Also you should improve your language skills.


Make a thorough survey of the place where you are going to speak and also be friendly with the audience. Assess the type of people whom you are facing. The smile on your face will switch on your audience.


The best way to avoid nervousness is to keep you relaxed. The best way to relax is to practice breathing exercises. Tale a deep breath, hold it for a few seconds and breathe out slowly as much as you can. Repeat this several times and you become relaxed.


With confidence relax your face, open your mouth and eyes wide and close them tight. This will relax all your muscles and make it easy to take control of your speech. Stand confidently, your legs firmly on the ground with your arms bent at the elbow, as if ready to gesture.


Plan well what you are going to say. A forceful speech must be well thought out beforehand. Arrange your thoughts in logical order. A well structured speech will attract your audience and bring you victory.


Speak out loudly while practicing at home as well as on the stage. This will always help you wherever you speak. Use your voice to the full. Modulate your voice and let there be variations of your voice according to the emotions. Speaking loudly will add your confidence.


Show your audience who is holding the floor and deserves full attention. Don't hide yourself but come out boldly like a lion tamer. The audience wants to see as much of you as possible.


Your concentration must be on the message you give and not on yourself. Keep your message simple and easily understandable to your audience. Resist the temptation to cramp into your speech as many points as possible.


Timing is very important in a speech. Abraham Lincoln's Gettysburg speech became famous through its timing and structure. Long speeches never impress others.


If for any reason you know you have fumbled, don't say that you are sorry. Continue without any apology and be sure nobody would have noticed that you have fumbled. Never show signs of nervousness such as pulling the earlobes, twisting the clothes and looking as if you were frightened.

Public speaking is an art. It can be learnt by practice. The rule of thumb is "The one who fails to prepare is preparing to fail." Therefore prepare, prepare well and always prepare. Of all the fears of the world, the fear of speaking in the public is considered as number one. Therefore never fear. Be bold. Practice and rehearse. Success is yours.



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