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Easter Decoration Tips

November 22, 2011  by: Abhijit Bangal  Points: 12   Category: Others  Earning $0.20   Views: 885

Whatever be your reason for celebrating the Easter, it is always fun to get involved in the decorations. It is a chance for the family and friends to reunite on this religious occasion.


Whatever be your reason for celebrating the Easter, it is always fun to get involved in the decorations. It is a chance for the family and friends to reunite on this religious occasion. The children are the ones who love this period the most. They get a chance to lay their hands on the chocolate eggs and also help in decorations.

Table centerpieces
Table centerpieces play an important part in the Easter decorations. Various shades of pink can be a visual pleasure to watch. You can have various shapes of egg cups of china and arrange them in a sequence to form any design. Get Easter egg trees. Such trees have various combinations of printed eggs that hang merrily on the ribbons. As an adult, always respect the inputs of children. You cannot say what they will be up to in the imagination and creativity. It will help you personalize the centerpieces more effectively.

Decorative Easter banners
Easter banners are fun to make. A Sunday Easter meal, should be a great family get-together. Card stocks are great to make the Easter eggs. You can bring a lot of variety in decorating these. Cut out the desired number of shapes and give one of them to each one to decorate. There will be a lot of variety as everyone will think differently when decorating. When one, place them face down on a table and attach one single ribbon at a stretch. All differently decorated shapes will look fancy. Cut the ribbon in various sizes for windows and doors.

Easter eggs placeholder
You can suggest your guests their seats by the beautifully decorated Easter egg placeholders. Get eggs for each of the expected guests by making a list. You can buy a kit that will help you in your work as there are ready-made items. Color the eggs and let them dry. In the meantime, get the initial letters of the guests' names. Use one capital letter for the name of each guest. Stick one sticker to every egg and it is ready to be kept at every place setting. That will suggest the guests their place to sit.

Easter eggs
An Easter without eggs will remain incomplete. The beauty of the Easter eggs lie in the fact that there is no limitation on the decoration front. It entirely depends on how you imagine things. Bunnies and chicks are popular Easter themes. You can use pastel colors for this. Apart from that you can also use acrylic paints or watercolors as they are ideal for such paintings. Egg painting for Easter is a great tradition that can be followed by the entire family. Make a tiny hole at the end of egg. Empty the contents of the egg. Wash the egg from the inside with vinegar.

You and your family will have a collection to boast of over the years. You can use them for Easter egg garlands. But be sure that the eggs hold themselves to the ribbon of the garlands. Use the empty spaces correctly to either spread them out or stack them side by side.

Author: Paulose        
Posted Date: 11/24/2011    Points:2    

Very interesting Easter decoration tips. Though Easter is still far away these tips can provide ideas for other decorations also. Thank you very much for the tips.

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