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What is so special about SharePoint Disaster Recovery Software?

November 22, 2011  by: marcalmond  Points: 12   Category: Software    Views: 409

Are you one of those who are looking for a solution that can help you recover the corrupt or inaccessible SQL database instantly? If the answer is YES, then all that you require is authenticate SharePoint Disaster Recovery tool. The utility is very effective option and has got a very interactive GUI.


When it comes to collect different SQL Servers and SharePoint Servers, then without any second opinion we all can rely on MS SharePoint Server. It enables user to make a collection of different SQL Servers that works for providing basic services bounded together by single configuration database. In general, this collection is primarily known as SharePoint Server Farm. Well, the best aspect about this configuration is it lets you merge various services and make them available concurrently. However, the important aspect that one needs to keep in mind is about unwanted situations when the configuration database becomes unusable due to corruption.

Now, being one of the regular computer users you must be very well aware of the fact that corruption in computer application is not new. And, unlike any other file corruption take place when SharePoint Database gets corrupt. In fact, talking in context of SharePoint database, there are several error consequences which leads to corruption in SharePoint and loss of data like-

Virus attack or Trojan infection.

Sudden shutdown of system.

Use of MDF files when the database is already running.

Wrong string to multi-client database with the user.

Log files have got deleted or the database is running in 'suspected' mode.

Crashing of hard disk drive affecting the SharePoint file.

Apart from all these, media corruption or bad sector in the storage media is another key reason that very often results in the corruption of SharePoint database. However, no matter how troublesome condition gets created by these errors, just by talking help of a proficient SharePoint Disaster recovery tool one can overcome such conditions quite efficiently.

Many might recommend you to follow the manual method to rectify the issue but those methods are not always effective, predominantly when the error is big. Consequently, it leads the user in an abrupt situation, but with the proper usage of SharePoint Disaster recovery tool a user can deal with such condition very easily. An effective and proficient tool can facilitate you recover SharePoint 2007 and 2010 database in its original state.

Kernel for SharePoint Server Recovery tool is one such efficient software that has been primarily devised to help user like you repair the SharePoint database file and thus recover the lost data. It is professional and powerful SharePoint disaster recovery software that recovers data from corrupt SharePoint (MDF) database without letting you face any further difficulty. The great attribute of this software is its efficiency of extracting files and folders from MDF databases. Apart from this, the most remarkable feature of this tool is its two powerful repair modes: Raw file and Live SQL Instance that too play a key role in restoring the required file. Besides this, with the help of this software you may even create and save reports. These reports are saved in HTML file format and can be used for further reference and proceedings. Also, the software is very much compatible with MS SharePoint Server 2007 and MS SQL Server 2010.

For more info please contact :- http://www.sharepointdisasterrecovery.net/


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