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Mistakes of Maummar Gaddafi

November 22, 2011  by: Madan G Singh  Points: 12   Category: Political    Views: 395

Maummar Gaddafi ruled for 42 years,but he committed some unpardonable mistakes that led to his downfall


Maummar Gaddafi ruled Libya for 42 years, yet when he went , the good done by him was forgotton. Gaddafi also met a horrible end and was buggered and finally shot. One wonders how a man who was in powere for 42 years crumbled like a pile of sand in the wind. A closer look will show that gaddafi committed some fundamental mistakes when he ruled and these contributed to his down fall.

a) Firstly Gaddafi failed to gauge the mood of the Libyan people. Till the last he belived that the people loved him.This was a great error of judgement and he could have escaped to Niger or any country much earlier. His meglomanical dreams perhaps misled him to the true position in Libya and he paid the price for that

b) Gaddafi was always scared of a coup against him and as such he failed to train his Army up to the required staandard. The result was that when his air force and army was confronted by a professional NATO, it was found wanting. His untrained forces were no match for the NATO air forces. Even troops loyal to him failed to give proper battle because of poor traing.

c) Having mostly untrained Libyan soldiers, Gaddafi imported merceneries to help guard and fight for him. These merceneries needled the Libyan people and killed quite a few citizens in their zeal to defend Gaddafi. This was a fatal error of judgement.

d) Gaddafi failed to negotiate with the rebels and opponents. His reference to the opposition as 'rats' showed his skewed thinking. Great people judge the mood of the people and here Gaddafi failed miserably. Worse he used the airforce, no professional force itself against the rebels . This was a blunder as it incenced the people even more.

e) Gaddafi centralized power in himself and his family. There have been dictators who endeared themselves to the people like Kemal Ataturk of Turkey, but Gaddafi allowed his family to run riot and his sons pillaged billions as they held all the economic sinews.

Lastly gaddafi allowed his personal whims, ego and fancy to take centre stage. This is unpardonable for a leader of substance and thus despite doing a lot of good for Libya he has faded away. The people are happy that he has gone, but the future of Libya is dark at present.


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