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Managing and Maintaining Interpersonal Relationships !

November 22, 2011  by: ushakiran  Points: 12   Category: Others  Earning $0.55   Views: 1402

It is never an easy task to manage and maintain relationships that matter to us, one has to work at it and also compromise to a certain extent !


Managing Inter personal relationships

Uncertainty in life is something we all have to accept.But as long as we are alive and living we have certain responsibilities that we have to shoulder, and managing and maintaining inter personal relationships is one such important aspect of life !Even if you dont care for relationships, you acquire them when you are born into this world. You are a son, brother,cousin etc etc...and keep acquiring more as you go along in life
This is something that needs to be cultivated.However, perfecting it may never be possible in our life time since we keep learning all through our life as we face new experiences and interactions with other people.

We have so many different relationships to maintain during our life time and at times there are complications arising out of them .It is a tight rope act to do justice to all of them.Within a family it is easier to do so since our roles and relationships are well defined and most people adhere to the accepted norms of the society.Like for example in a parent - child relationship until the child becomes an adult both know that the parents are responsible and have a duty towards the child and the child accepts it.In a husband wife relationship too one accepts the norm , in fact, it becomes easier to maintain relationships when the roles are well defined by the society.

Maintaining Interpersonal Relationships

It is never an easy task to manage and maintain relationships that matter to us, one has to work at it and also compromise to a certain extent !

However, one has to accept that people can change and do change depending on circumstances, though basic nature does not change, so, it is best not to be judgmental since the change affects us too.Tis also means that our inter personal relationships too change.It is this very change that brings in either positive or negative impact on all relationships.Age,time , changing tends and even our financial status can all affect our relationships with other people and we have to accept that and make necessary compromises to maintain successful relationships.One can see complete changes come over relationships in a matter of a decade between individuals.

Money does play an important role in all relationships, but again it depends on the individuals as to how much importance they are willing to give it. There are some relationships which remain unaffected by any of these, but still may undergo changes because of other sensitive issues.There are also situations when one wants to maintain a relationship to desperately holding on to something that may or may not be worthwhile.But it happens most of the time and people learn to compromise and go on with their lives.

Children move away once they become adults and independent .One has to accept that they have their own lives and instead of grudging it is better to support them and their decisions.It is the same case with siblings - with time they too tend to grow distant and it is only with effort from both sides that one can maintain a cordial and friendly relationship.It is the same case with cousins and other secondary relationships. Age and experience has the advantage but when you have reached the best phase of life your health fails, this is what happens to many people.

We come across other people in our lives with whom we interact and we do form certain relationships with them - With some people that we meet for the first time we do feel some vibes, either positive or negative or no vibes at all with some. This first impression, does make an impact and might in some cases pave a way for the future relationship between people.

It could also be intuition that makes us get these strong and firm feelings about people.However, they may not be the true impressions of a person. At the most, It may give us an indication of an individual's personality, and , one cannot base one's judgement based wholly on that one first impression. With some people one does get very strong vibes which makes a lasting impact, either positive or negative. There are some unexplained factors too which simply can be categorized as chemistry between people or intuition .

There are also business relationships that need to be maintained where integrity , trust and other factors play a major role.One also has to maintain cordial relationship with ones colleagues and others who are part of the work spot or organization, like an office ,school or hospital...Once we are able to see things in their right perspective we will not be swayed by petty issues that come in the way of maintaining and nurturing relationships that are important to us.It is important being honest with oneself and as far as possible with everyone else we deal with. There are of course certain times and situations , when honesty is not welcome, so one also needs loads of diplomacy in life to deal with different people and circumstances .

No matter what relationship we share with others the basic fact is that it is important to keep relationships alive . We realize the importance of them later on in life, and we have to treat people with respect and care without being judgmental about them. It is only when we send out positive vibes can we expect the same from them.

Author: Paulose        
Posted Date: 11/25/2011    Points:3    

A very excellent and informative article on human relationship. Thank you very much Usha for providing a mine of knowledge on understanding about relationship. It is the healthy relationship that leads one to success in life. It starts from the self. A very thought provoking writing giving a lot of ideas to promote relationship with others.
Author: Chandan Singh Raj        
Posted Date: 12/06/2011    Points:3    

Dear usha,
I have gone through the article, which adhers compactly with the ideal and practical combination of social needs of now the days. Very excellent and remarkable physiological appropriate approach of the problems human race faces today.
Author: Chandan Singh Raj        
Posted Date: 12/06/2011    Points:3    

Dear usha,
gone through the article written by you, came to conclusion that the people should know about the accountability, responsibility of theirs, towards the society, towards individual and personal. The word 'relation' has origin in the word 'feel'. How ones feel about other, the society, the family. Now the days a large number of people are very materialistic, very practical and not accountibal in their approach.

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