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Methods to avoid PPT corruption issues

November 23, 2011  by: robertson85  Points: 12   Category: Software    Views: 515

The aforementioned article signifies the corruption issues that incur with PPT files and the possible methods to handle the errors. There are various automated tools available which can effectively repair the corrupted PPT file and recover the data.


Microsoft PowerPoint is the most native tool to design presentation. You can build impressive presentation regarding any business or corporate subject using MS PowerPoint tool. But the surprising thing about this tool is it can also get corrupted or damaged. Consider a scenario where you have prepared a big presentation for the upcoming event in your office. At the scheduled day, your file gets corrupted and you become unable to access the file. All your efforts seem to go in vain due to the failure of the file. To avoid this kind of issues you need to recover the corrupted/ damaged file to resume your presentation.

There may be various issues that truly affect the data in the PPT file and make it corrupt. Suppose, you have prepared a presentation at your home and sent it to your email id. When you open it in your office you find the file has been corrupted and became inaccessible to open it further. The root cause for this type of corruption is that you may have attached the file without compressing it. Sometimes, the file which you send over the internet without zipping may have the chances to be corrupted or damaged through various virus attack or Trojan effect.

Normally in cases of corruption, one of these error messages may be displayed:

1."PowerPoint Viewer can't read C:\path\filename.ppt"

2."PowerPoint has encountered a problem and needs to close"

3."PowerPoint found an error it can't correct. You should save presentations, quit, and restart PowerPoint."

4."PowerPoint can't open the type of file represented by [location/file name]."

5."The path or file name for A:\STUB.PPT is Invalid. Please check that the path and file name are correct"

The above error messages do not allow the users to access the PPT file. To avoid these errors and to perform PPT repair, you may try the following steps:

1.Open PowerPoint program file and drag the corrupted PowerPoint presentation.

2.Insert the slides of the corrupted presentation into a new and blank presentation one-by-one.

3.Move the corrupted presentation to another hard drive.

The aforementioned procedure will help you to perform free powerpoint recovery . You can do it easily without spending a penny.

Consider another scenario where you may prominently face the corruption in the PPT file. Suppose you try to open the presentation slides from the PPT file and receive an error message stating

"PowerPoint cannot open the type of file represented by .ppt"
In this case, you may not access the data of the file as the file has been corrupted. This type of error may appear due to the version incompatibility. It may be possible that you have created the PowerPoint slides in earlier version and trying to open them in newer one. Another possible reason for this error may be the corruption issue in PPT file that has been incurred due to some hardware or software failure.

In all the above scenarios, you must employ some recovery mechanism for repairing the corrupt PPT file. Once the manual method fails for recovering the data, Kernel for powerpoint recovery tools are used to repair the damaged file and recover the data.

The author is a specialist in estimating the performance of several data recovery tools and utilities. The author has suggested many tools which can handle PPT corruption and perform PPT repair . For more information click here: http://www.pptrecovery.com .


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