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Understanding Caffeine in Tea and its Effect

November 23, 2011  by: Madan G Singh  Points: 12   Category: Others    Views: 879

Tea also contains caffeine though in smaller amounts than coffee


Recently in the United Services Club, one of our Army doctors commented over a cup of tea, that Caffeine was also one of the constituents of tea. This was a surprise to the small gathering at the tea-table, as generally caffeine is associated with Coffee only.

Caffeine is a stimulant that is also a part of tea. But it is much less than in coffee. Generally in a prepared cup of tea, the quantity of caffeine present is about 40-50mg. This in comparison to a cup of coffee is just about 40% of that present in the coffee cup. Caffeine is not all bad, but it does have some harmful effects. Again taking caffeine increases the alertness, quickness of response of an individual. This is because of its quality as a stimulant.

Generally a human being must have about 200-300 mg of caffeine in a day. One aspect of caffeine that cannot be overlooked is that it improves the mood of the person. One of the harmful effects of caffeine is its relationship with blood pressure. Research has shown that caffeine increases the blood pressure. But it is not a permanent condition and normally the effect lasts from minutes to may be an hour or so. In case you have a heart condition, caffeine may make the heart beat faster, but it does not worsen the heart condition.

Caffeine should be avoided in pregnancy, but ladies with child should not give it up completely. But bear in mind that recent research has shown that caffeine taken in large doses can delay fertility. We must remember that Caffeine is a performance enhancer. It can make your heart beat faster and make you more alert. But the key is moderation and caffeine taken in your tea can do a lot of good as well.

Author: Paulose        
Posted Date: 11/25/2011    Points:2    

Most of modern people begin their day with a stimulating cup of tea or coffee. It has become an inevitable part of modern life, though there are timely warnings about the side effects of toxins in coffee or tea. Thanks for this article of Madan on the use of them, especially pregnant ladies.

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