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Why the Mosquitoes Do Not Take Summer Vacation?

November 24, 2011  by: Paulose  Points: 15   Category: Health    Views: 431

Nowadays mosquitoes have become very busy. They are busy throughout the year. They don't even take summer vacations which they used to have earlier. Nowadays, they are always busy in their activities, busier than earlier days!


I always wonder at the busy life of the mosquitoes. They are busy throughout day and night. They don't even go for summer vacation. Nowadays they are not bothered about the scorching sun in India. Rather it has become their heavy activity time for them. In summers, the mosquito menace actually increases considerably since we need more airflow and keep open all our door and windows. No doubt, the mosquitoes can spread easily their favorite diseases like Malaria, Dengue, Chikungunya and what not.

Fifty years ago, we in India, thought that the war against this deadly mosquito was pretty much won. In those days, there was a scheme for spraying chemicals like DDT, supplied under the malaria eradication scheme. We could be free from the mosquito menace. But now the mosquitoes have resurrected, taking new incarnations, and have succeeded even in stopping the Government's sanitation efforts!

Some alarming facts about mosquitoes

1) Today the mosquitoes have come back with a vengeance, killing millions of people each year, debilitating hundreds of millions more and spreading new parasites and diseases.

2) The result of the mosquito biting can range from annoying itching to an extremely painful feeling on the skin. For some people, a mosquito bite is not just a nasty irritation but it can mean a very serious illness.

3) In order to survive and reproduce, the female mosquitoes need to drink blood, mostly human. They have specially designed mounts that can pierce the skin and directly ingest our blood. Just like any other disease that can enter our body through the using of contaminated needles, diseases can be carried via the mosquito bite from one host to another. It is a surprising fact that the mosquito is actually immune to these diseases it spreads, but unfortunately the animals and people it bites are not immune. Mosquito bite spreads a parasite that infects the liver and eventually spreads to the blood. If left untreated, it can cause major organ damage and sometimes even death.

4) Mosquitoes spread diseases not only in nights as we used to think, but in fact, they spread deadly diseases like Dengue and Chikungunya during active daytime while the sun is burning bright.

5) They are active in open places. Formerly we were taking precautions to check their prevalence inside our confined rooms and could protect ourselves. But today they are active even in open grounds and places. Our kids are at maximum risk when they are outdoors.

6) Thanks to the recent researches that have introduced a drug called Ivermectin which has succeeded in eradicating mosquitoes. It kills the mosquito that is infected with the malaria parasite, and stops the disease transmission. Larger campaigns are planned to make use of this drug and check its wider effectiveness on other diseases also.

There are precautionary warnings all over the world to check this mosquito menace. But every minute the mosquitoes are finding new ways to survive. The world should think today seriously to divert its attention from fighting against nations to the war against these mosquitoes.



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