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Nine Important Reasons to Treat Hypertension in Time

November 24, 2011  by: Paulose  Points: 25   Category: Health    Views: 799

Hypertension is called 'a silent killer'. It is a very serious disease since the symptoms are known only when it becomes serious. It has to be treated from the beginning. If it is overlooked, it may lead to serious consequences, sometimes even fatal.


Our heart is our life. It pumps blood throughout our body. Blood is pumped from the heart through the arteries out to our muscles and to all other organs. The heart works like a pump by generating pressure through its special mechanism. But when there is too much pressure in the blood flow it puts a strain on the arteries and on the heart also. An artery rupture or a heart failure leading to a fatal end may be caused due to this strain. It is said that more than 25% of the world population are victims of hypertension. So hypertension has to be treated without delay when the symptoms are noticed.

Blood pressure

Combination of two factors decides the force of blood flow. They are the quantity of force with which the heart pumps blood around the body and the condition of the arteries which causes the nature of blood flow. These two factors make the flow high or low. The force of the blood flow may be high when it is called hypertension and when it is low it is called hypotension. Blood pressure is not constant and varies all the time.

It is only by measuring the blood pressure that we can know whether it is high or low. The normal BP ranges between 130mm (systolic) and 80 mm (diastolic), the optimal limit being 120 and 80. This range increases with age because of the increased stiffness of the arteries.

Nine reasons to treat hypertension

1) Blood pressure causes inflammation

High blood pressure causes inflammation of the walls of our arteries, which in turn encourages accumulation of fat (plaque). As this fat is deposited on artery walls, the arteries become narrower and blood flow is reduced. This thickening of artery walls is known as atherosclerosis when more force has to be used to pump blood through the thickened arteries. Hypertension occurs when blood is forced through these arteries with an increased pressure.

2) Hypertension is a silent killer

Generally patients visit a doctor only after significant damage occurs to the critical organs. Symptoms that appear later include chest pain, fatigue, unusual tiredness, headache, disturbance in vision, and sometimes even bleeding from the nose. If it is unnoticed it turns very critical.

3) It affects the major organ systems of the body

Generally an enlargement of the heart occurs in the beginning stage of hypertension. The major organs of the body such as kidney and brain are affected. When these organs are affected their functions are disrupted and diseases like renal failure, dementia, and neurological disorders along with other complications creep in.

4) Hypertension causes dementia

Hypertension leads to atherosclerosis. This disease disturbs the normal blood circulation, and a lack of blood supply can produce areas of dead tissues in the brain and cause dementia. This leads to memory loss and stroke.

5) Hypertension is associated with other disorders

Generally hypertension is associated with other disease conditions like increase in cholesterol, diabetes, etc. When these conditions are accompanied by habits like alcohol or smoking they aggravate their morbid conditions and adverse effects are multiplied.

6) Even if there is no symptom BP level should be checked

Some patients may suffer from secondary causes like chronic kidney diseases, hormonal disturbances, endocrine tumor growths, etc., which may be undetected till it is very late. Such cases may be called primary hypertension. Hence after certain age regular check up of BP is advisable.

7) Treatments can prevent the adverse conditions

The complications of hypertension are preventable and if they are treated in time their adverse effects can be avoided. Regular check ups can reveal the complications.

8) Treatment reduces more than 50% of heart failures

The hypertension can be detected even before its onset and can be treated. It will protect the critical organs from serious damages. Even the mild hypertension can be diagnosed with treatment and protect our health.

9) Treatment for hypertension can increase our quality of life

Treatment of hypertension with medicines can also increase the quality of life. Nowadays advance treatments are available to treat any kind of hypertension. They are cheap and are without side effects.

Modern life style is one of the main reasons for hypertension. Fast food and changing food habits can cause hypertension easily. Several factors like excess salt intake, lack of physical activities, obesity, insufficient fiber diet low in minerals and Vitamins are some of the main factors that cause hypertension.



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