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Fixing "Outlook Express FolderSync Window." error

November 25, 2011  by: robertson85  Points: 12   Category: Software    Views: 998

Sometimes corruption in Inbox.dbx files and Outbox.dbx files leads to numerous error messages. You can resolve the error messages by using a professional and proficient Outlook Express restore tool.


Today, Outlook Express is one of the most popular and extensively used email clients worldwide. Its user friendly interface, security and robustness make it so popular.
However, there are some issues as well.

The issue is that sometimes corruption in DBX files leads to several error messages. These error messages lead to complete inaccessibility of the data and you start feeling as to how to recover deleted emails .

Before we take up an error to understand the Outlook Express corruption, let's first of all understand the various types of DBX files.

We all know that Outlook Express uses a DBX file to store emails, notes, contacts, as well as other data items.

In Outlook Express, there are two kinds of DBX files which are as follows: Inbox.dbx file and Outbox.dbx file.

Corruption in Inbox.dbx or Outbox.dbx file leads to numerous error messages.
In case of corruption to Inbox.dbx file or Outbox.dbx file, you can restore your valuable data from the last, proper backup.

But many a times, it so happens that you do not have a proper backup available with you. In such a scenario, you need to use a professional Outlook Express restore tool to repair the damaged and corrupt Inbox.dbx as well as Outbox.dbx files.

Consider a practical working scenario, wherein you get to face the following error message when you try to open the Outlook Express application:

"Outlook Express FolderSync Window Class: msimn.exe - Application will not start."
As soon as the above mentioned error message appears, the entire Outlook Express data becomes inaccessible.

The root cause behind the occurrence of the above mentioned error message is corruption in Inbox.dbx files as well as Outbox.dbx files.

Now that we have known the error message, let's figure out the solution to it.
The solution to the aforementioned issue is as follows:

1.Click Start -> Programs.

2.Click Accessories and then click Windows Explorer.

3.In the Windows Explorer, choose Tools -> Find Files or Folders.

4.In the Named box, enter Outbox.dbx.

5.Choose Find Now.

6.Right click the file and rename it.

7.Rename the file as Outbox.old.

8.Restart the Outlook Express application.

By performing the aforementioned steps, you should be able to resolve the issue. However, at times you are not able to resolve the issue by performing the aforementioned steps. In such a scenario, we would suggest you to use the last and proper DBX backup to restore your valuable and precious data.

However, in case of unavailability of a proper backup, use a professional Outlook Express restore tool to repair the damaged and corrupt Inbox.dbx files as well as Outbox.dbx files of Outlook Express.

Recoveryfix for Outlook Express is a professional and efficient tool that is specifically devised to repair the damaged and corrupt Outlook Express files and that too in an easy, efficient, and flawless manner.

Recoveryfix for Outlook Express comes with an intuitive, interactive and at the same time absolutely easy to use graphical user interface. This user friendly graphical user interface enables both professionals as well as non technical users to easily work on the tool.

The author of this article is a content writer with immense knowledge on Outlook Express restore. He uses his knowledge to write article on how to recover deleted emails. For more information click here: http://www.deletedemails.org/.


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