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Autumn Tears

November 25, 2011  by: Paulose  Points: 15   Category: Inspirational Stories    Views: 472

Autumn or Fall is the season of change. As the season changes, the life patterns also change. The leaves change their colors and fall. Nature prepares all living beings for a cold winter.


The leaves crunched softly under his feet as Jim followed Tick through the piles of leaves, towards the play area. Maria was suddenly brought back from her reverie by the crunchy noise. Whenever Maria was in depression overwhelmed by the memories of Jeff, this lake park was her antidote. It was here that Maria met Jeffry for the first time on a drizzling day in an autumn evening two years back, as she was searching for her puppy Tick.

Oh those sweet years!

Tick was barking at Jim for his approval of climbing the frames. Clouds were gathering in the autumn sky swelling in huge gray boulders. Maria's heart was also heavy welling up with sighs.

Autumn had been colorful memories in her with Jeffry. How many evenings they walked peacefully, wrapped in the glory of colors and sounds. Together they enjoyed the change of colors of leaves on the trees and the wind blowing through them before falling gently to the ground. They had spent hours in talking, looking at those trees turning scary ghosts and goblins of the night.

"I have to leave Maria"

Maria was shocked when Jeff announced about his departure to the military service on a pleasant summer evening.

"Orders are orders, and they have to be obeyed"

"I know" said Maria in her attempt to suppress tears, "I know".

He pulled her into the comfort of his strong military arms.

"It'll be OK, honey," he soothed her.

"I'll be back soon," hugging Maria, Jeff smiled, then kissed her emotionally.

."Tell Jim he is my little soldier and I love him".

"Sure, Jeff, be careful and come home to us both soon. We love you".

"I love you too".

That was in June.

Grabbing Jim and Tick, She left for their bench by the frames. The clouds above frightened her with immediate showers. But the letter mailman brought just before coming here was heavier than the fear.
It was from Jeffry.

Maria took one deep breath, wiped her eyes and opened the letter.

Dear Maria,
Things are bright that we will come home soon. Here We don't have much to do. The war front is quiet and everyone seems to be spirited. Things seem to be settled and the war is coming to an end. Just three more weeks. Days will fly. I will be with you soon.

Maria could not read further as tear drops hid her vision and the morning news flashed again before her mind.

" Six soldiers killed in an unexpected turn at the war front"

She could imagine the dangers of wars. Just kill.

A drop fell on the letter.

Was it a tear drop or the first splash of rain drop?



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