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Increasing pressure on chidren today Part 1

November 26, 2011  by: gaurisood  Points: 12   Category: Others  Earning $0.60   Views: 1272

Today we live in a fiercely competitive environment , which literally supports only the "survival of the fittest " .From this competition even children are not spared ,as a result of which there is mounting pressure on children to perform ,outclass others around them and live up to the expectations of their parents ,many of which are unrealistic


Today we live in a fiercely competitive environment , which literally supports only the "survival of the fittest " .From this competition even children are not spared ,as a result of which there is mounting pressure on children to perform ,outclass others around them and live up to the expectations of their parents ,many of which are unrealistic .Some kids mange to handle the pressure effectively ,but many nowadays are succumbing to it's side effects in the form of increased stress and an unhappy childhood . In some extreme cases ,it leads to depression and suicides .

So what are the factors that have led to this kind of pressure on children in today's generation ? This article also explores the harmful effects of excessive pressure on children and how we can prevent it to give our children a happy and satisfying childhood.

Factors behind increasing pressure :
1)Today's world is much more competitive than before in all areas -academics , careers ,life choices etc .Most parents want to start preparing their children to face this competition at an early age itself ,fearing that if it's too late they may be "lagging behind ".An example to illustrate this is the fact that how difficult it is to get even a nursery admission for a child in India nowadays .Children ,as young as three and four are subjected to the torture of interviews ,playschools to "tutor" them to clear these interviews ,art and dance classes and what not !!

2)Many times children are subjected to constant comparison with their peers and siblings ,by parents and relatives .This comparison puts tremendous pressure on the child to prove himself and often ends up giving them a false inferiority complex .
Adults end up judging their children and their growth on parameters like their grades in school ,not focusing on the child's growth relative to himself .

3)Parents often burden their children with their own expectations and unfulfilled dreams .Many times if a parent is unable to achieve his lifelong dream owing to circumstances ,he pushes his/her child to achieve them . There have been several instances of parents saying things like "I always wanted my child to be a doctor " ,not caring whether the child has the right aptitude and interest in the chosen field .

4)Many families and parents nowadays have started investing a lot in their children's education and welfare for example -sending them to the best schools ,paying high fees for coaching classes and giving them all sorts of comforts . In return they often expect their child to make them proud and be "better than the best " .This has led to increasing pressure on the children to outperform others and make his family proud .

Harmful effects of too much pressure on children :
1)Physical and mental stress
Putting too much pressure on the kids manifests itself in the form of stress for the child .The children get exhausted mentally as well as physically and this can lead to behavioral problems like frustration ,fear of failure , a growing feeling of under confidence etc .

2)Robbing the children of their childhood
Most of us adults remember our carefree ,tension less childhood days with a lot of longing and nostalgia . But for many of today's kids it is not so .Their days are packed with school ,studies ,extra curricular activities and coaching classes . In some places, it has become the trend for children to join IIT ( a very prestigious engineering institute in India ) coaching classes from class 6th onwards itself !! Children no longer have the freedom to play for long hours in the evening ,with their friends or visit their grandparents in the vacations .

3)Handling failure
As adults many of us have problems accepting failure in our life ,so how can we expect children to face failure responsibly . Kids are sometimes not mature enough to know how to handle early failures in their life like failing in a class test or coming second in a sports race . And many times ,parents add to the problem by criticizing the child for the failure and accusing him of not working "hard enough " .This is very detrimental for the child's mental growth and he ends up getting all sorts of negative feelings and self doubts about himself .

4)Aptitude and individuality of the child gets suppressed
In this rat race of trying to be better than others and fulfilling everyone's expectations ,often the natural aptitude of the child gets lost .Most parents want their children to be toppers in school and then go on to become successful doctors ,engineers and MBAs .We forget that every child is different and forcing them to do something else can negatively impact their growth .

5)No balanced growth
Exposing the child to an environment of such fierce competition can make them too self oriented and selfish .They forget the importance of virtues like helping others ,being kind to classmates ,working as a team etc .


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