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Cinnamon Keeps you Warm and Healthy

November 26, 2011  by: Paulose  Points: 12   Category: Health  Earning $0.45   Views: 650

Winter has come making you go in search of warmth. Cinnamon is a perfect spice to use during the winter months to keep you warm and healthy. It is a fragrant and sweet spice that gives you a warm taste.


World is experiencing more and more cold every year due to global warming. Man has to keep himself warm in every way to find himself comfortable and to be free from diseases. Cinnamon is a spice that gives a warm taste and provides medicinal benefits in so many ways. It is globally known for its sweet flavor and aroma and is used to add flavor in food, in incense for fragrances and in essential oil for medicinal values. It is obtained from the brown bark of the cinnamon tree and is available in its dried tubular form or ground and used as powder.

Daily consumption of cinnamon can give immense medicinal benefits since one teaspoon of this spice contains about 1mg of fiber and iron and 28mg of calcium, vitamin K and C and magnesium.

Medicinal benefits of cinnamon

1) Serves as general tonic
Cinnamon is known for its healing abilities. It is used as dried bark or extracted essential oils found in its bark. These oils contain medicinal components called cinnamaldehyde, cinnamyl acetate, and cinnamyl alcohol which are good for various diseases.

2) Controls type 2 diabetes
It has also been proved that daily consumption of about a half to one teaspoon of cinnamon can relieve you from type 2 diabetes which increasing in the modern world in an epidemic speed. This spice lowers blood sugar levels and increases the amount of insulin production in the body.

3) Reduces cholesterol
Cinnamon reduces the levels of cholesterol, triglyceride and blood sugar. Half a teaspoon of cinnamon per day has proved to lower your bad cholesterol (LDL).

4) Antibacterial properties
Since cinnamon is enriched with antibacterial properties it can serve as a very powerful protector from infections. Cinnamon essential oil blended with other oils have the ability of inhibiting growth and survival of bacteria. It has been proved that cinnamon can successfully be used to curb the growth of E.coli and yeast Candida bacterium.

5) Cinnamon boosts brain
Modern health life is searching for brain boosters. Here is cinnamon, a promising boon to do brain boosting job. Recent discoveries of its ability to boost and improve the functions of the brain are really very encouraging. Moreover, these researches have opened up another field of research to determine the effects on cinnamon on its cognitive performance on the brain. They are yet to find out if cinnamon can sharpen cognitive performance.

6) Rejuvenating property of cinnamon
Cinnamon is an antioxidant that helps individuals maintain their youthful looks and protect them from early aging. The anti-ageing properties of cinnamon are linked to the ability to curb cellular damage.

7) An effective pain balm
Applying the concoction of cinnamon mixed with honey gives great relief in reducing pain and therefore it serves as a very effective pain balm for patients suffering from arthritis.


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