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Increasing pressure on chidren today Part 2

November 27, 2011  by: gaurisood  Points: 12   Category: Others  Earning $0.50   Views: 667

This article explores the ways in which we can ensure that our children do not feel the heat of pressure and competition as they grow up .By following these few tips we can ensure that our children lead a stress free and happy childhood and teenage years


This article explores the ways in which we can ensure that our children do not feel the heat of pressure and competition as they grow up .By following these few tips we can ensure that our children lead a stress free and happy childhood and teenage years .

1)Understanding failure
As said in the previous article ,children and youngsters are sometimes not mature enough to be able to handle failure .They get dejected easily and it may adversely affect their self confidence .Thus it is important ,that adults explain to the child that success or failure is not the ultimate thing in life .It is important to give your best shot and work hard and OK to lose sometimes .There are many success stories today which have been born only because the person faced numerous failures before .

2)Avoiding comparison
It is extremely important that we should not subject the child to excessive comparison with their siblings ,classmates or even the neighbor's child ,Most children react to comparison negatively and take it as a sign that their parents love them less because they are under achievers . Constantly nagging and scolding the child ,especially in front of outsiders should be avoided .

3)Be appreciative and encouraging
All of us like it if our efforts our noticed and appreciated .This holds true especially in the case of kids .We need to appreciate their efforts and not be negative if they are not meeting our expectations .After all ,they too are humans ,and not robots or machines!!
Try and understand them as to why they are not performing ,instead of scolding them .
Be patient ,communicative and loving instead of demanding and scolding .The child will surely respond in a more positive manner .

4)Let the kids be kids
Childhood is a much treasured phase of everyone's life .Let it be for your children too .Do not spoil their childhood by unnecessarily dragging them to extra hobby classes or computer classes .Children learn much more when they interact and play with friends ,family members ,grandparents etc .

5)Spirit of healthy competition
We should try and foster a spirit of healthy competition amongst children .This will serve them well in later years ,when they have to actually face the struggles and trials of an adult life .Positive goal setting should be encouraged keeping in mind each individuals' capacity ,ability and growth . Natural aptitude and talent of children should be encouraged and applauded .

6)Shielding the child from peer pressure
Another kind of pressure that children especially teenagers and adolescents face is peer pressure .It is important that the children understand their own responsibilities and the fact that there is no need to mindlessly ape their friends to get attention .Children need to be imbibed with the right kind of ethical and moral values so that they do not fall prey to peer pressure .

As a final word ,it is important that we understand that children are young and not old enough to handle pressure like adults . Thus we should be careful not to unduly pressurize them .


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