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Evaluating the Falcon, Latest Generation Plane

November 28, 2011  by: Madan G Singh  Points: 15   Category: Others    Views: 432

The Falcon is a hyper plane that will change the concept of aviation


Aviation technology is on the upswing and the United States of America is developing what is known as a hyper super fast plane called the Falcon. The Falcon has already got off the drawing boards and has even been tested twice by the United States Air force.

Th United States Air Force had expressed the desire for a superfast plane that could get into orbit and reach any destination in the world for a pin point attack. The project is handled by the United States Defense Advanced projects agency (DARPA) and two prototypes have been built. However the technology still has some glitches as both the planes after takeoff from a US Air force base at Vandenberg in California crashed into the Pacific Ocean after a 9 minute flight. The last test was on 11August 11, 2011.
Falcon Hypersonic Plane

What is the Falcon? It is an advanced plane that makes use of hypersonic technology and can achieve a speed of 20,921 kilometers an hour. That translates to a speed of mach 21. In contrast the MIG 25 achieves a speed of Mach 2.3.
The Falcon is different from a conventional plane as it will not take off or land at an airfield. It will be launched through a rocket and will enter space and reach any point on earth in a maximum of 60 minutes. The plane after completion of its mission will re-enter the earth's atmosphere and at that time the airframe will touch temperatures that can reach up to 3500 degrees Fahrenheit. This is hotter then the temperature inside a steel blast furnace in a steel plant. The plane will be controlled from the ground with advanced GPS.

The plane prototype is 12 ft long and can carry a payload of 400 kg or even a nuclear bomb. It can reach any target in the world within 60 minutes at the maximum and carry out its mission. The USAF needs this plane as an antidote for rogue nations or terror groups who may threaten the United States. The two test flights that have taken place were with the aid of an Air force Minotaur IV rocket. This rocket is a decommissioned ballistic missile. The plan will be attached to the nose of this rocket and at a specified time will detach from the mother rocket and will then enter a hypersonic glide trajectory around the earth at speeds in excess of Mach 20.
Latest Technology

The Falcon HTV-2 is the latest in technology and will be unmanned. The cost of the project is estimated at $308 million and the plane could enter service with the US Air Force by 2025. Th United States is devolping these super weapons basically for their safety and an effort to continue their domination of the world. The principle behind this is not new and during World War II the German engineers had perfected the V-2 rocket which was used to attack London.
The Falcon once completed and made operational will be a force multiplier and will give the capability to the United States Air force to strike at any target in the world within 60 minutes. The plane will be the fore runner of a new generation of super weapons and it is reported that Chinese scientists are also working on a similar project.


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