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The Mongol Invasion and the Divine Wind( Kamikaze)

November 28, 2011  by: Madan G Singh  Points: 12   Category: Others    Views: 555

The Mongol invasion of Japan was destroyed by a divine wind called the Kamikaze.


The History of Japanese and Chinese animosity is very old. But over the centuries the Chinese have always been at the receiving end of the Japanese swords. But there was a time in the 13th century when China did attempt an invasion of Japan. This was the period when the Mongols ruled China. In fact the Mongols made two attempts to subdue the Japanese in 1274 and 1281 and mounted an invasion of the Japanese islands.

During the period mentioned China was ruled by the great Mongol emperor Kublai Khan. He had his seat of government at Xanadu and from there he plotted an invasion of the Japanese islands. But lacking a strong Navy to traverse the China Sea, he felt himself handicapped. But after he had conquered Korea he was closer to his dream of invading Japan. Firstly he gained resources for an amphibious operation and secondly he was much closer to the shores of the Japanese islands.
The Mongol Invasion

Kublai Khan now ordered the invasion of Japan. He was confident that with his new-found resources he would be able to subdue the Japanese people. He started with a series of bloody raids on the Japanese islands and for once the Japanese felt threatened. The battle was now essentially between the Mongol warriors and the Japanese cult warriors the Samurai. Kublai khan now got ready for a last final assault on the Japanese in 1281 and accordingly a massive Chinese Mongol fleet set sail for the Japanese islands.
Destruction of the Mongol Fleet

The Japanese tried to oppose this massive armada, but repeatedly failed and the Mongol fleet headed ominously towards Japan. Kublai Khan waited in his palace expectantly for a Chinese victory. However at that moment when the Chinese fleet was nearing the Japanese coast, providence took a hand and tremendous gale began to sweep the sea. This was not a miracle as the entire area is prone to storms and tornado's. But the Japanese consider this to be a 'divine wind' and is often referred to as the famous Kamikaze. History records that this divine wind destroyed the Mongol fleet and the dream of Kublai Khan to subdue Japan became a cropper.

This divine wind or Kamikaze has remained in the Japanese consciousness and shaped their military thinking for centuries to come. Even during the Second World War the Japanese formed the kamikaze bomber pilots who in suicide attacks tried to stop the invasion of Japan. But they failed. this mistaken belief sent hundreds of young men to their death

The destruction of the Mongol fleet by the Divine wind is still thought of as an act of God that saved Japan.

Author: Paulose        
Posted Date: 11/30/2011    Points:4    

Very interesting detains about the divine wind or Kamikaze that protected Japan in the thirteenth century. Kublai was one of the most powerful emperors of China who initiated a lot of reforms in China. Marco Polo gives many details about China under this great Emperor.
The destruction of the Mongol fleet by the Divine wind kamikaze should have really been a turning point in the history of both countries. Thank you dear Madan for these interesting details.

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