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Increasing Teen Suicides in India

November 28, 2011  by: Paulose  Points: 25   Category: Social    Views: 800

Teen suicides are increasing among the Indians. It is growing as a kind of disease rampant among the Indian teens especially in cosmopolitan cities. I am not sure if this problem is increasing in other countries.


India the largest democratic country, having the largest youth population in the world, has become the suicide capital of the world. It is an alarming fact that teen suicides are increasing among the Indian youth shaking the very foundations of human existence. Researches say that out of every three cases of suicide reported every 15 minutes in India, one is committed by a youth in the age group of 15 to 29.

The highest number of suicides and attempted suicides happen in cosmopolitan cities and towns of India. Studies show that for every student who commits suicide, there are at least 13 cases who attempt suicide. Most youngsters who attempt suicide do not really want to die. Actually, they are crying out for help. There seems to be universal agreement on the manner in which they act before their suicidal attempt.

Warning signs of teen suicide

1) Social isolation

They show total withdrawal and non interaction with people. It is really ironical that in this age of social networking and websites teens are isolated in their societies and live a reclusive life.

2) Change in normal life

A normal child or youth shows signs of change in life by suddenly turning quiet and withdrawn from normal life. Long silences, unexplained visits to the bathroom, or hiding behind locked doors are some of the signs of this.

3) Loss of self esteem

Inability to accept failure or loss in self esteem leads to dejectedness and suicide. This may be expressed by aversion in eating, or loss of interest in activities.

4) Expression of suicidal intention

Suicide is not an instant action. Usually it is premeditated and expressed in some way or other.

Reasons for teen suicide

Three major reasons lead to teen suicide. They are academic disappointments, relationship failures and psychological imbalance. There are many socio-economic, psychological and cultural factors associated with suicide.

1) The family situation

Family plays a vital role in teen suicide. Nucleus families running after money and comfort never think of the psychological conditions of their wards. Most mothers are employed. As Swasti Naik, a student counselor of Mumbai says, " Some decades back, the joint family system ruled supreme in Indian society and a child upset about usually came back home to sympathetic grandparents, uncles, and cousins who were always willing to pitch in with assistance." But now, what is the situation of the family? Life in families is jam-packed and there is no time for anybody to care for the other.

Moreover, parents today are more worried about the academic performance to push them up as per their ambitions rather than the ability and condition of their children. The children are forced to study what their parents want.

2) Closed emotions of teens

The mental condition of our younger generation is in turmoil. They are unable to outlets for their suppressed emotions. The emotions of today's youngsters are different from that of olden days which the parents and elders do not recognize.

3) Change in societies

Societies have drastically transformed into much more openness which has positive and negative consequences. TV and other media have become more important. They have their own negative aspects.

4) Relationship failures

At home there is no one to care. Only stomachs are more cared than hearts. When a friendship or love affair fails, today's emotional mind thinks of suicide as the only relief. Even the media suggest this end as an effective solution.

5) Addiction to Internet

Too much of addiction to Internet and self-centered approach often aggravates their isolated life. Teens become cocooned 'insects' without any interaction with anyone.

6) Negative thoughts lead to suicide

Life seems to be nothing more than a hellish nightmare to the disappointed youth of modern emotional world. They easily lose confidence in life as their unrealistic sense of hopelessness is one of the most crucial factors in the development of their serious suicidal wish. They do not wait to analyze things. Rather they jump to the conclusion that their problems are insoluble.

7) Indian education system is more job-oriented than life-oriented.

Education system in India is more job-oriented than life. Pressure to perform well to reach higher academic qualifications is one of the major reasons for suicide. Failure in examinations and lack of family support in such situations cause depression in youth. Suicide news filling the newspaper columns after the examination results has become common in India.

Teen suicide in India is a serious problem which needs the attention of every one. Facts are alarming. We are aware of the reasons. It is our turn now to act to solve the problems.



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