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Craze for Branded Items ...

November 28, 2011  by: ushakiran  Points: 12   Category: Others  Earning $0.30   Views: 1422

People tend to associate quality and class while talking about branded items..


These days lot of people like to buy branded stuff- be it shoes, travel items, clothes , accessories or anything for that matter. Most of these branded items come with a huge price tag . No doubt that the quality is good in most cases but the difference in price is far too much while compared to a local make.

Some people prefer to buy sports shoes from nike or reebok saying that it is much more comfortable and lasts much longer. I too use a Reebok walking shoes and have had it for almost 4 years now. Other than that suitcases and travel bags too are better when you go in for a reputed company like VIP , Harrisons or the more expensive Carlton..

There is a certain section of society who think only in terms of branded items.However, locally made stuff too can be as good and much more affordable.So, it makes better sense to buy the more affordable clothes or foot wear for daily use and may be buy a few of the branded stuff as well .We are paying 50% for the brand name and that's what makes them so very expensive. So, it doesn't make sense to buy a dress or a top paying so much when you can easily get may be 2 or 3 sets for the same amount with no brand name.Most people agree that branded items may be of top quality but the price is a hindrance.One cannot always buy branded stuff.

It is of course not possible or practical to buy branded stuff all the time and it is also important that it should look good on us. The general fit and quality is important since you are paying an exhorbitant sum for it. One can see that some people who use only branded stuff even if does not suit them ! Some people wear the most expensive stuff which looks like a rag on them, but there are some other people who are able to make any dress look great and stylish ! It is the personality,carriage and the attitude that counts more than the brand !

People tend to associate quality and class while talking about branded items.Sometimes, what is considered expensive,classy and quality stuff may be normal every day wear in other parts of the world.It happened in my case when one of my relatives brought me a beautiful embroidered cotton top from London, and she said it had cost her 25 sterling pounds which to me seemed expensive.Later I happened to see the label and it was made in India and similar tops were available in India for less than half the price!So, we do get carried away when we see a certain item being sold at a classy, expensive store, or a boutique . Some people prefer to use only branded stuff, even if it is beyond their budget and far too expensive .They would rather have fewer things. They wait for sales when the prices are reduced , since they believe that it is always better to buy quality stuff rather than ones that may be cheap but may not last long.As long as one can afford and prefer branded stuff , they somehow manage to buy only branded items and in most cases the quality is always excellent!

Branded items , as stated above generally tend to be of good quality except in some very rare cases.The only problem being the price , some of them can be astounding. However, they last much longer than the local ones. People using Jeans swear by levis jeans which can used for more than 10 years. Many people going in for branded sports wear in their daily lives probably because it is far more comfortable and also fits well which is important while taking part in sports, like for example - most people prefer buying good quality shoes esp walking shoes since it has to fit well without causing any discomfort..

Talking about food stuff , many prefer butter,jam and honey from a certain brand only, would rather go without it than buy other stuff.One can never compromise on food items although one can afford to do so with clothes ,hand bags and other stuff.It is always a wise thing to buy only what one requires and what makes us feel comfortable , whether it is an international or local brands!

One has to be careful while buying branded items since there are many fake brands being sold in the market.It looks so authentic that one cannot tell the difference between the original and the fake ..

Author: Paulose        
Posted Date: 11/30/2011    Points:5    

Commercial world today means branded names. People go after them even if they are costlier than the same kind of things in some new name. Branded name promises quality and reliability. The branded names are promoted by the media. Unfortunately people today think that whatever is more expensive is a branded name. Moreover, it has become easier to promote less-quality products in (bogus) brand names through media. It happens in every field including medicines.
Time has come to analyze deep before purchasing even branded products. Thank you Usha for your interesting article on brand names of products.

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