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Some Important Tips for Packing Goods like Professionals

November 30, 2011  by: raghvendrasingh  Points: 12   Category: Others    Views: 509

Proper packing of possessions has great importance in safe transition of belongings from one place to another. But it is not as simple as it seems. Stuffing of belongings is a tricky task and needs lots of time and effort.


Proper packing of possessions has great importance in safe transition of belongings from one place to another. But it is not as simple as it seems. Stuffing of belongings is a tricky task and needs lots of time and effort. Different types of belongings should be packed in different ways with appropriate supplies. Expert moving companies also provide excellent stuffing services but you can also carryout it by self and save some significant amount of money. Some useful tips for packing of household belongings are following.

First of all make a list of items that you want to shift to your new residence and purchase required supplies form any reputed store. Sturdy cardboard boxes, heavy duty tapes, labeling markers, bubble wrappers, padding materials, are the some most useful packing supplies. Start stuffing from least useful items like with woolen cloths if you are going to relocate in summers or with your cooler in winters.

Fragile and glassware items need extra care and attention. Before grouping fragile items into cartons wrap them with good quality bubble wrappers several times. Also put some good quality cushioning materials at the bottom of boxes. Place glassware in vertical positions and also fill more cushioning between vacant places inside the boxes. Now properly tape these boxes and mark them as "fragile".

Use original cartons for stuffing of large electronic items like television, refrigerator, computer, air-conditioners, etc. Switch of all the electronic items at least a day before stuffing schedule. Clean your refrigerator and leave it to dry. Fix all the loose parts from tapes. Remove all the coils from air-conditioner and leave it to dry and cool. Remove all the connecting wires of computer and pack large items separately and small items in a plastic bag.

Preserve all the clothes in suitcases so that these clothes need not to be ironed again. Use original boxes for footwear and group all the boxes in an appropriate size of cartons. Dissemble all the heavy furniture and properly numbered them so that anyone can easily assemble at your new residence. At the last pack all the daily use items like as kitchen vessels, bed sheets, mobile phone chargers, important medicines and all the personal use items. Mark this box as "first open" because you will need these items first at your new residence.

These are the some important tips for packing household possessions. So if you are going to relocate and decided to pack belongings by self, these important tips will really helpful for you.

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