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How to show your respect to teachers

July 09, 2010  by: rockstar  Points: 10   Category: Others  Earning $0.40   Views: 2207

We all know that teachers help us to learn new things and also make us a well mannered person .This article is regarding how to show the respect to teachers and show them that you are a good student.


It is must for a student to be well mannered and respect the teachers as teachers are some one who matter a lot in our life . Teachers change us and motivate us to be carrier oriented and always wants us to succeed . So we must always respect our teachers to let them know that how much we like them and we have a very high value for them in front of us.

Some ways to show your respect to teachers are as follows .

1. Greeting good morning to teacher - Always stand up when teacher enters in class and greet the teacher good morning or good afternoon according to what the time is . A teacher always like students who stand up on their own when she arrives and she will be happy to see that the class she is going to teach in respects her so much .

2. Never argue with teacher - Whenever the teacher punishes you or tells you to get out from the class then you should never argue with the teacher that you haven't done any mistake . No teacher likes the students who keeps arguing and never ever accepts their mistake.

3. Complete the home work given in time - If you want your teacher to be happy and think of you as someone who always listens to the teacher then it is must that you must complete you home work in time . Many times teacher punishes children who do not do homework and teachers also do not like such children as they think that such children do not have respect for teachers.

4. Be regular on time - No teacher likes student who doesn't comes to class on time . Teacher always like students who are daily on time and are always attentive . Teachers have a thinking that students that are on time likes studying and also respect the teachers.

5. Be ready to say sorry - If you make any mistake in the class or get late to the class then you must always be ready to say sorry and shouldn't forget it . All teachers like such students who accept their mistakes and show their respect towards the teachers.

These are some of the tips to show your respect towards the teachers and let the teachers think that you are a well mannered child.

Author: winindia        
Posted Date: 07/11/2010    Points:5    

These all statements are true . Because whom ever we talk, whether Mahatma gandhi, Barack Obama,Sachin Tendulkar today they are now famous because they are educated and learn the things from there respective teachers. And in India Teacher is equivalent to God and also teachers are treated as God bu The students as well as there parents also
Author: Kumaresh        
Posted Date: 07/13/2010    Points:3    

Now it is very rare to find students, who respect their teachers truly. It is very sorry state. Teacher are our guide, they show us path. They empower us by knowledge hence it is our duty to respect them. In turn, teacher must be humble and strict to the student. He should keep in mind that respect can not be bought, it has to earn by his character and deeds. he has to show by example. He should become role model for his students.
Author: Sagar        
Posted Date: 09/12/2010    Points:1    

good information from you .

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