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Is Obama a Sure Shot Winner ?

November 30, 2011  by: Madan G Singh  Points: 12   Category: Political    Views: 528

Obama is likely to win the election, but will it end the troubles of America ?


The month of December has dawned and the day of the US presidential election is approaching. President Barack Hussein Obama will seek re-election. This is a momentous moment in American history as for the first time a man who is in effect a mulatto, with more non-white blood in him will seek re-election.

Obama has Muslim blood in him as his father was a Muslim from Kenya. He also attended 2 years school in a Madrasa ( Islamic School), but I don't think he is a practicing Muslim. How much faith he has in Christianity is a moot point, but his rule has seen a greater determination to fight Islamic terror. In particular the drone attacks and overt action against Islamic sponsored state terrorism has also gone up.

Obama is the first President to have realized the danger of treating Pakistan with kid gloves and he has shown a tilt towards India. It is India's bane that no leader is there to think of India as a Global power and people like the pen pusher Man Mohan Singh are unable to grasp a historical moments to put India on the Global watch as a world power.

The acid test for Obama is the economy of the USA with a deficit of 3 trillion dollars. This is where Obama is floundering, but this state cannot be pinned on Obama who has inherited the profligacy of the past American Presidents, who spent like kings and saved nothing. They supported despotic regimes and took part in innumerable wars that have now sapped the US economy. Obama or even God cannot rectify it.

Obama is making a try to balance. The Iraq episode is a bad dream and maybe he will extricate from Afghanistan. But I am sure he will win again for the simple reason he doesn't have a worth while opponent. It could be a Pyrrhic victory as all the kings horses and all the kings men cannot put the USA back again . But Obama is perhaps the last slender hope for America.


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