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Hindu and Muslim Methods of Slaughtering Animals

December 03, 2011  by: Madan G Singh  Points: 15   Category: Others    Views: 634

The Hindus /Sikhs on one side and the Moslem's and Jews on the other side have different methods of slaughtering animals


Hindu/Sikh religion and Islam have many differences. Leaving aside the religious beliefs the methods of slaughtering animals for meat is also diametrically different.The Sikhs and Hindus will partake of meat by a method known as Jhatka. This is a word derived from the Sanskrit word 'ghataka'. In effect it means that the animal whose meat has to be partaken off, is killed with one blow of the sword or axe, so as to sever the head from the body.

This is different from the Jewish and Moslem customs where the animal to be slaughtered is ritually killed by slicing the throat with a sword or knife. In such cases the animal slowly bleeds to death. This is rcalled halal or dhabihah. Jews refer to it as Schechita. Jhatka is the antithesis of Halal.

Both forms of killing are sanctified by religion. But generally the Jhataka method of killing an animal may appear more humane, as the spinal cord is severed in one blow and the animal dies instantaneously as blood flow is stopped to the brain.

For the Sikhs and Hindus eating meat is not taboo, but it is enjoined that the meat they eat should only be by Jhatka. . It also should not be forgotten that the Muslim Union government of the Punjab in 1942 initialed an agreement with the Sikh leadership, that permitted them to continue to carry out Jhatka. This was recognized as a part of Sikh culture and heritage.
The Hindus also had from earliest times adopted the Jhatka.Thus during Hindu festivals like Durga Puja and Kali puja the meat is eaten only after it is confirmed that its is Jhatka meat.

However Islam enjoins all its followers to shun Jhatka meat and all Muslims are enjoined to only eat meat that is halal. However unclean animals like pigs are forbidden as the Hindus and Sikhs are forbidden to eat beef and cows


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