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Fifteen Hindu Websites for devotions

December 03, 2011  by: Paulose  Points: 12   Category: Others    Views: 1001

Every religion teaches love and harmonious human life. Every human being in the core of his heart has an affection or love for his coexisting human being.


Every religion teaches love and harmonious human life. Every human being in the core of his heart has an affection or love for his coexisting human being. Let us not look at any body or religion with a prejudiced view. If we have a magnanimous outlook, we will be able to understand the good things in them.

Hinduism is an unfathomable ocean of philosophy and theology. Though it may look like a puzzle with its variety of religious sects and groups, without any revelation or message from above, Hinduism has been believing in the principle of Trinity. Saiva Siddhantha is based on the principle of Paasu (soul) and Pati (Siva) and the Paasa (bond). Manickavasakar called God as Ammaiyappan (mother + father).

Hindu people have various festivals and seasonal devotions. Herby I have given some websites which may help people who seek further knowledge.

15 Websites for Hindu Devotions

1) www.ganesh.us

This website helps to recite the slogans of Lord Ganesha. There are slogans for morning wake up, lunchtime, and before going to bed.

2) www.kaumaram.com

This is for the devotion of Lord Muruga. It contains various devotional songs by various ancient oets.

3) www.gayathridevi.info

Gayathridevi temple is famous in Karnataka. There is a famous temple in Bangalore. The temple at Yashvanthpur is famous for its charities.

4) www.rudrakshacollection.com

Rudraksha is the powerful object of Pooja worship. This website gives all the details of these religious beads.

5) www.guruvayurdevaswam.org

Guruvayurappan temple in Kerala is a busy temple with pilgrims throughout the year. This site helps to get the best of this devotion.

6) www.vallalar.org

Ramalinga Vallalar was a philanthropist. He lived for every living being- for human, animal and plants. He wept to see a drooping plant.

7) www.pradosham.com

Slogans on Lord Siva and a lot of details about this deity can be found in this website.

8) www.sadhabishegam.net

Some Hindu people have a prejudice that Tuesday is not an auspicious day and they are very particular about not beginning any good activity on Tuesdays.

9) www.starsai.com

This helps unmarried women to pray for their future and for married women for a peaceful life at home. This describes the offering ceremony of Mahalakshmi.

10) www.radiosai.org

Puttaparthi Saibaba is considered as a holy man. This site gives all the details about him and about his schedules and programs.

11) http//mailerindia.com

This gives the prayers and slogans of all the deities.

12) www.pujyaya.org

This site explains the life of Sri Ragavendra and also his devotional slogans.

13) www.balagokula.org

In the busy life more and more people are westernized and the basic values are neglected. The kids of today should be aware of the roots of their faith and be loyal to their ancestry. This site is a help for the growing generations.

14) www.meditationseasy.com

Today life is filled with tensions and anxieties. No time to rest or relax. This site helps one to meditate on the glory of God.

15) www.itakethevow.com

God is love and is very kind to all. He has provided in nature the ways and means for our well being. We have to find them out and make use them. Violence should be replaced with love. Hatred should be replaced with love and true friendship. As Dr. Deepak Chopra says only a world without any kind of violence can survive.



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