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A Winter Visitor

December 03, 2011  by: Paulose  Points: 15   Category: Celebrity    Views: 722

The season of winter has its own stories to tell. It is a season of bird migration. Birds fly to places that suit their health. Here is a story of a robin that had a good heart.


It was a winter night. A strange winter night. A severe wind was blowing. A robin bird was flying here and there unable to find a perch to sit on. She could not withstand the severity of the heavy wind. It was like a storm.

It was hard to imagine how and why the robin reached that place. Somehow she missed her flock ad was alone. Something strange was going on in the country. She could not imagine what was on. She was very tired. She tried the alm tree nearby. But it was already crowded.

All the birds which had occupied the tree chased her away. "No room here," all of them said in a chorus.

Away from the country, there was a hole in a shed. There were a few cattle inside the shed or stable looking like a cave.

"This should be the place for this night," thought robin. She peeped inside through the hole which she had occupied just now.

Besides the cattle there were a few humans also. A woman lying in a straw bed beside her new bon child in the manger.

"A child in a manger," wondered the robin. The child was shivering in the winter chillness. The mother of the baby was also very tired, struggling hard to get up and warm her son. She was too tired and weak to get up and keep the fire to keep the baby warm.

"Poor lady," pitied robin searching for others. Only the oxen and asses and goats ere standing or sitting in half sleep. The lady should also be a stranger like herself in search of a suitable place. Outside the shed there was a man collecting some more straw.

"A strange family in a strange place with nobody to help them in this winter night!" The robin could guess the suffering of the strangers.

The wind was blowing colder and the fire was getting dull causing discomfort to the newly born.

"Dear oxen, will you blow the flame with your breath and help blow the flame?" asked the woman. But they did not even stir from heir place. They seemed as if they did not hear anything.

"Will you please breathe upon the flame to make it brighter and warmer?" pleaded the mom with the ass standing near the fire place. But the silly and lazy animal was on fast asleep that he did not even hear the request from the lady.

The little robin was watching everything with great concern. She was in serious thought in what way she can help the little baby. The poor mom was pleading every creature.

"Oh Jesus, my son, is this also the will of God?" She got up slowly tying to hold her son.

The robin could not bear any more. She found the lady and her son in great discomfort and took pity on them.

" I shall try my best," the brave robin flew down from the hole. She flapped her little wings as fast as she could.

Slowly the flames were rekindled and started burning brighter. She had to go nearer to the flames to keep them burning. Some of the sparks from the flames even leapt up and scorched the creature's breast. But the brave robin continued to serve baby Jesus till the stable grew warmer and the child slept peacefully.

The mother of the child was delighted by the kind action of the little robin. She blessed the robin for her bravery and kindness.

"From this point of time, every robin shall have a breast of red as a reminder of your great charity," she blessed the robin.

Little Jesus opened his little eyes and blessed the robin, the winter visitor, with his graceful smile.



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