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Ten Things Our Children Teach Us

December 04, 2011  by: Paulose  Points: 20   Category: Others    Views: 821

As parents, we are anxious to teach our children. We have never thought that we can learn from them. But the fact is that the children can teach us so many things.


As adults we think that we know everything and we are not ready to listen to children. Normally parents are anxious to teach their children. To learn from them will be a difficult task for them. Although most of the times the children may seem like little devils, they are true angels that teach us a lot about how we can make our life a better one. Yes, most of the time they do not have a clue as to what they are doing, but unknowingly and without a clue they allow us to explore things that we tend to forget.

Ten things our children teach us

1) Learn to look at life as fun

One of the important things we can learn from kids or even toddlers is about healthy lifestyle. For them every activity is fun. Kids move around actively all the time, not because they know about health benefits, but because it is fun for them to do so.

2) Every day dawns the child fresh

Everyday when a child wakes up, it is a new day for him, a whole new world to explore. With the curiosity to find out new things, the enthusiasm, and the energy with the start of each new day is just breathtaking for the kid. We should learn to begin a day fresh trusting completely in the Providence of God.

3) Living in the present

Children always live in the present. They never worry about the past or bother about the future. But we adults have our thoughts become increasingly focused on either the past or the future instead of the present. We build up grievances about things that had happened and worry about things that may never happen.

4) Learn to pay attention

"Look dad", or "Look mom." Kids want the presence of their parents. It is not the question of mere physical presence, but it refers to total undivided attention. They need the caring presence of their parents that makes the other important and worth. Sometimes we do not pay attention to people, not even those whom we love.

5) Being inquisitive

Kids never pretend to know things. If they do not know they just ask or show that they do not know. Kids are never bothered with their lack of knowledge or qualifications; but they try even if they have never done something before. Kids do not feel shy to ask.

6) Transparent innocence

How innocent the kids are! But we lose this innocence as we grow. We are engulfed in the adult world with so many commitments, plans or routines, etc. when we are with kids we can feel that innocent spirit grow in us. There the guilt and shame are ignored. Everything seems to be new and shining. This chance to rediscover can be a magnificent gift for us to learn from kids.

7) Perpetual growth

Kids are always growing. They are aware that they are growing. Hence they oblige their parents to get to know themselves in depth. It is possible to lie to a husband or to a wife with hope for success; but to lie to a child is impossible. Children learn by osmosis; their conduct reflects that of their parents. They show their emotions spontaneously. Their trust in their dad or mom is total.

8) Respect and patience

Kids in real life are never the same as those of our dreams and hopes. They rebel against our expectations that at times hinder their growth in accordance with the internal laws of their own selves. They have their own rhythms of development. As adults, often we say how we ought to be, we impose what has to be done, we judge, etc. We have to be patient and respect the aspirations of the kids.

9) Grow in love

Children love easily. By their attitudes and expressions they are great procurers of love. They influence anyone easily. If their relationship is poisoned, it will run through their bodies also. It will fill them with anguish and uncertainty.

10) Kids are the blessing of happiness
Kids are blessings of happiness to us. We are the blessing to them. They fill us with happiness and we fill them with happiness. Our family thus becomes an earthly Paradise. Jesus Christ said, "Unless you change and become like little children, you cannot enter the kingdom of heaven."(Matthew 18: 3)



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